Mini Safari

I've been a fan of Safari Ltd for quote some time, so I was thrilled when they asked me to preview some new 2016 products. Safari knows that I work with miniatures, especially their "Good Luck Minis" line, so they shared a few samples and I did up a scene in my Lundby Stockholm.

Can you spot the mammoth, harp seal, zebra, and heart? Each piece is about the size of a nickel and is painted by hand for realistic detail. The pieces are incredibly sturdy and add a great amount of visual interest for small-scale scenes.

You can easily scroll through the Safari line on Amazon, and also check out their blog for more insider detail.

Go wild!

Credits: Couch, rug, and ottoman are minimodernistas; desk and cubby shelf is by Dragondee; plant is AG Minis; chair is Reac; computer is from Lilu Shop on Etsy. Accessories are Manor House Miniatures, eBay, PRD Miniatures, AG Minis, Ray Storey, and Re-ment.

The time it took me: 35 minutes

A Mess of Flowers

Flowers have been on my mind lately. First, I received some lovely ones for my birthday earlier this month from three different people, all different versions! They are currently brightening up my office, and I hope I can keep them alive.

My other flower musings have been related to Amy Merrick, a New York City-based florist and stylist who does gorgeous work. I love looking at her Instagram feed, reading her blog, and hearing about her latest projects, like doing the flowers for the recent celebrity-studded dinner for the Punk fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum! She is truly an artist and I find her photos very calming and inspiring.

(Photos from Amy Merrick's Flickr stream)

All this flower exposure prompted me to use some beautiful heavy-weight "Flurry Sunshine" paper from the Paper Source in  my Lundby Stockholm. This also gave me the opportunity to use my new minimodernistas ball clock, given to me by a dear friend (another birthday gift!), as well as a cowhide-print Eames chair, a blind box purchase on Mother's Day at Toy Tokyo. The black-and-white artwork by the chair is a miniature photograph from my work colleague K., who knew I'd find a use for it :)

Here's to flowers!

Credits: Desk is by Dragondee; chairs are Reac; plant and wastebasket are AG Minis; vase is a dollhouse show find; arc lamp is an eBay find; grey rug and magazines are by The Shopping Sherpa; dog is Schleich; desk rug is a coaster; ball clock is minimodernistas. Accessories are Michaels, Re-ment, Toy Tokyo, and AG Minis.

The time it took me: 34 minutes


There's a fun "pop!" to this scene, in anticipation of the new year and the many corks that will be popping all over the world.

I love yellow, and this cute new Pop! mini figure from Kid Robot really helped to inspire the rest of the furnishings. Certainly reminds me of Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog.

Courtesy of AnOther
My ever-resourceful daughter found the Pac-Man game, which is actually a candy dispenser! It works great in this scale. And it holds some serious nostalgia for me...Pac-Man was definitely my game of choice as a tween, and I spent many hours after school playing it in one of the food joints near my house. I got pretty good, too!

Happy 2013, all! 

Many good wishes for the new year, and I look forward to another year of blogging and celebrating modern minis with you!

Credits: Wallpaper is Heroes and Villains wrapping paper from the Paper Source; credenza is by Cyd of My Mini Mod Pod; speakers and stereo are eBay finds; rug and magazines on desk are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; Pac-Man video game is a candy dispenser from Kid Robot; chair is Reac; desk top is by Dragondee and base consists of two AMAC boxes; lamp is AG Minis; plant is vintage TOMY; artwork is Lundby; balloon figure is Pop! by Kid Robot. Accessories are Re-ment, Kid Robot, random eBay finds, and AG Minis.

The time it took me: 27 minutes

Keep Calm

This is intended as a super-quick post, mostly because I am sleep-deprived and should go to bed!

This bold wallpaper of stacked houses from the Paper Source is so great...I love the saturated color, especially the inky black background. It set the stage for the rest of the scene. Cyd of Mini Mod Pod  created the awesome pillow, perhaps a sentiment shared by many out there???

Good night!

P.S. Stay tuned for the winners of the Call of the Small/Cubebot Challenge. The announcement is coming very soon! Until then, check out all of the submissions on Flickr.

Credits: The bed is made of a soap dish, coasters and a lucite drawer pull; white coverlet is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa, topped off by a Chilewich placemat; the lamp is vintage Bodo Hennig; side chair is Creative Playthings; stool is brinca dada; mirror is a craft store item; wallpapers are from the Paper Source. Accessories are AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and toy store and eBay finds.

The time it took me: 44 minutes


Sometimes I start a setup and then abandon it for one reason or another. In the case of this one here, a few weeks ago I was inspired to use an old-fashioned claw foot tub from my childhood collection in my Lundby Stockholm with a soap dish from west elm as a decorative backing. I started to set it up, but then got distracted and left it until tonight.

As I was pulling the scene together I was reminded of some happy days playing around with this tub when I was ten or so...I had much less stuff and my taste has grown, but I had the same fascination with moving tiny things around and getting lost in them. I'm glad that has not changed!

Have a happy week!

Credits: Tub is from my childhood collection; backing is a soap dish from West Elm; "rug" is a coaster from Crate & Barrel; bench is a lucite drawer pull; stool is vintage German; planters, towel holder, and lighting are Re-ment; artwork is Bozart; mirror is from Jo-Ann Fabric. Accessories are Michaels, Manor House Miniatures, Re-ment, Barbie by Jonathan Adler, and AG Minis.

The time it took me: 46 minutes

Vintage German Gone Wild

A nice little vintage German living room set arrived to me last week from eBay, and I felt compelled to set it up against an unexpected backdrop in my Lundby Stockholm. The set is sized closer to 1:16 than 1:12. Here it is in its original box. The overall box is likely missing -- all I have is the base and dust cover.

$3 -- seriously??? I did not pay $3.
I especially LOVE the profile of the chairs and their pattern.

The tapered plant is quite lovely as well, and I don't have one like it. I tried to use only the set in this scene, but did end up adding a few extras.

The wallpaper is from the Paper Source, but I cannot locate it online. The quality is truly amazing. The colors are so crisp and vibrant. I love how the green matches the green of the existing house walls. You might think it would clash with the furnishings and lamp here, but they all "pop out" the way they should. It's a bit of a wild combination, though!

Credits: Chairs, table, plant and bookcase are from a vintage German set; stacked unit is also vintage German; mirror is by Annina; plant stand is AG Minis; rug is by Dale's Dreams on Etsy; lamp is vintage Lundby. Accessories are Michael's and from eBay.

The time it took me: 37 minutes

Finding Time

Ah, the struggle of finding time...

Time has indeed flown by since I started this blog nearly three years ago, on January 24, 2009. As I have said before, I never would have guessed that this endeavor would result in the many happy posts, connections, findings, and surprises that it has. I am very grateful, and I carry that enthusiasm into 2012.

My goal is to post at least once a week, and I will try my best to do that, but life does have a way of pulling you into many directions! When I post, I want to be inspired to write and photograph, and not to force it. So, if there is a gap in postings, it likely means that things are taking shape. I appreciate your patience and willingness to "go with the flow."

As always, I am interested to hear from my readers with comments, news, and information. Thanks for following!

I wanted to share a quick scene in the Lundby Stockholm. I've always wrestled a bit with the unused electrical outlets on the walls. I've covered them up various ways in the past (origami paper strips for one), but oddly not with scrapbook paper as I do quite often in my other houses. I really do enjoy this room, especially the long window. This time, I decided to place a tree stencil over it for a decorative frosted effect. (Speaking of frosted, did you see what Megan did with her door in her Fashion House??? It's amazing).

Credits: Couch is Bozart; pixel chair is minimodernistas; shelving unit is an eBay find; table is a vintage door handle; plant is Re-ment; vase, cork pedestal, and mirror are from Michaels; tree stencil from the Paper Source; wallpaper from JoAnn. Accessories are AG Minis, dollhouse and craft store finds, and Re-ment.

The time it took me: 25 minutes


Life's a process, step by step. It's more apparent to me now, more than ever, that you never stop learning about yourself and others. This past year brought challenges, growth, and changes, and I have no doubt that 2012 will bring similar. My very best to you and yours--thanks for all of your enthusiasm and support!

A few pictures in my Lundby Stockholm to close out the year, with three different approaches to the room. You'll see different chairs, rugs, and the addition of a canine friend!

Credits: Wallpaper is from greendesign in Princeton, NJ; desk units are vintage Brio; center desk and trash can are by AG Minis; cowhide chaise is by PRD; side table is Re-ment; black barrel chair and yellow Eames chair by Reac; gray rug is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; blue rug is embossed felt from Michaels; deck plant and desk lamp are vintage TOMY; deck table and chairs are by Mighty World. Accessories are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa, JaZams, Bozart, Manor House Miniatures, AG Minis, and Michaels.

The time it took me: 35 minutes


The small side room in my Lundby Stockholm can be a challenge to furnish and I tend to want to try to use larger scale pieces just to see if I can do it! In the past, I've used the room as a bedroom, bathroom, garage, laundry room, and spa, and this time decided to do a (mini) wet bar.

I used a 1:10 scale table with a dramatic pedestal and a vintage Lundby sink (thanks, Julie!). I paired the sink with a table that was roughly the same height and covered the front with a window shade sample from Lowes (pick up these freebies when you see them; they WILL come in handy!). I was wanting to add a vintage lamp that I got in a joint-purchase with Lemon Cadet, but decided to pull off the shade and flip it upside down for a mod wine chiller.

Thoughts on this? Would you come for a drink? ;)

Credits: Tables are vintage German; sink unit and chairs are vintage Lundby; lights are Re-ment ashtrays flipped; vase and magazines are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; wine chiller is a vintage lamp shade. Accessories are Mighty World, Bozart, and random dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 55 minutes

Lazy Sunday

I know, it's Monday, and frankly I really don't have any lazy Sundays. But, after putting together a quick scene in the Stockholm it just looked like a lazy Sunday.

If I had a lazy Sunday, I might dip into my Scandinavian dream sauna, perhaps like this one I just saw in Dwell's Tenth Anniversary Issue...

photo courtesy of

Heavenly, right?

Instead, I have a nice new (vintage) Lundby one to help me dream.

Notice my new Lundby lamp? I bought it in its package last week from the famous toy store FAO Schwarz ($12). While a lot of the items are more traditional and pretty pricey, their racks have finds like these.

Next door to the sauna I decided to unpack another doll furniture find, this time some vintage Lisa of Denmark furniture (purchased on US eBay). The box is in bad shape, but the furniture is in good stead. The back of the box is interesting, as it shows pictures of the furniture available for a variety of rooms.

I WAS lazy in setting up this scene (no artwork or many accessories) and it WAS Sunday, so perhaps my post title qualifies!

Credits: Sauna: sauna is vintage Lundby, as is lamp and wooden side table; bench is a thrift store find ($1); statue is vintage Petite Princess, and its base is a Japanese eraser; plant is a rummage sale find and its pot is from Manor House Miniatures; tea accessories and lamp table are Re-ment; pillow is by minimodernistas; mat is from a window shade sample card from Lowes (free!). Living room: chairs and couch are vintage Lisa of Denmark; side table and lamp are vintage Petite Princess; stool is vintage Lundby; TV stand and table are vintage German; vase is by me, made with two crafting beads; plant is vintage TOMY; rug is from a window shade sample card from Lowes (also free!); accessories are Elf Miniatures, Mighty World, Re-ment, AG Minis, and my local toy store.

Re-ment: The tea treats in the sauna are from I Love Kyoto #9, and are good for 1:12.


Summer is coming and trips to the pool will become the standard on the weekends (and perhaps a dip in the evenings during the week). We joined a new pool and spent some happy hours there this weekend with friends. The kids have the ability to stay in the water for what seems like hours, and also have the capacity to consume endless quantities of food! They shrivel up like prunes, happily wash off in the shower, and then even more happily get into their warm dry clothes.

Here is a little bath that has a lot of play as well: there's a Playmobil shower and accessories, the egg stool (one of my favorite Re-ment), and the godfather of play, Andy Warhol, looks down on it all. I always find it a fun challenge to cram as much as possible into this tiny bathroom space in the Stockholm, and am always surprised when things fit (in) together.

Speaking of play, I brought some of my playthings to my littlest's preschool one morning last week to share my hobby. The kids, all between three and four, were not only adorable, but really smart and engaged. I had so much fun showing them a pop up house, one of my new fish "condos," and my vintage German school house. On the latter, it took them a while to figure out what it might be, but then they caught on once I pointed out the blackboard. :)

Happy summer!

Credits: Couch is vintage Creative Playthings; stool and shelving is Re-ment; shower is Playmobil City; base of shower is a bowl from Crate and Barrel; Warhol "art" is a postcard from the SFMOMA store; low blue shelf is Lundby; plant by shower is from a rummage sale; potted plant is vintage German; pillows by Annina and Ryan's Room. Accessories are Playmobil, FAO Schwarz, and random doll store finds.


Ok, ok, it's my little pun on "Stockholm." I felt like quickly setting up the Lundby Stockholm from top to bottom, and the result just felt homey. I already had the living area and "garage" taken care of from previous scenes, so it was the bedroom, deck, and roof.

Why so homey? Perhaps it's those amazing red and yellow handmade pillows by Annina?? Aren't they lovely, and do you recognize them from the New York Times article?!? I know I will be using them many times over.

Or perhaps it is the Lego mini house on the deck created by two of my kids, who saw me playing around with the pieces one weekend and decided to take the matter into their own little hands??

Maybe it's the pizza, soda, and popcorn drawing your insides in from the outside!

Credits: Desk is a clear box from Oese; chair is Reac; curved bench is vintage Fairline; table is vintage Bodo Hennig; toy box is a Re-ment storage unit on its side; plant is vintage German; deck table, lamp, pouf on roof, and plant stand are vintage Lundby; deck chairs are Mighty World; Lego house is handmade by two of my bunnies; mini mini furniture in and on the Lego house is by Re-ment and from Three Blind Mice fair; skateboard is a Tech Deck; roof couch is vintage Creative Playthings; two white lounge chairs are eBay finds; coffee table is minimodernistas; plant is Playmobil. Accessories are Re-ment, our local toy store, Mighty World, and Ryan's Room.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in these scenes with a few exceptions. The soda bottle and popcorn bowl are from Cooking with Mama #10, and are slightly large for 1:12 (especially the soda bottle). The pizza slice is from Puchi Petite Fun Meals # 1, and is also slightly large for 1:12. The toy storage is from Pretty Placement #7, and is fine as a large storage tower in 1:12. The yellow porcupine place mat under the pizza is from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen # 5, and is good for 1:12.

Tiny Furniture: The Movie, That Is

In the event I need to reevaluate the impact my mini hobby has on my kids, I should get my hands on a copy of the movie Tiny Furniture, which I read about in the New York Times recently. It was written and directed by Lena Dunham, a 23-year old who is actually the daughter of Laurie Simmons, the visual artist who created the Kaleidoscope House along with architect Peter Wheelwright. You can see a trailer here. The film, which is a coming-of-age flick, has gained some buzz because it won the top film prize at the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference.

While I cannot speak to the film's merits, I am intrigued by the fact that it takes place in Simmons' white, pristine Tribeca loft and features the real-life Simmons and Dunham's sister as her movie mother and sister. As the Times article notes, Simmons "makes photographs by moving teeny pieces of furniture around while juxtaposing them with larger human elements that don't seem to fit." Hmmm....

Image of Simmons and Dunham courtesy of Film School Rejects

On the tiny furniture topic, I picked up some boxed vintage Petite Princess (Princess Patti) furniture at FAO Schwarz this past weekend during a quick trip with my family. The store has a doll house shop on the second floor and while most everything was overpriced, there was a bargain basket of deals. My boxed set, which dates from the 1960s, was $10. I used every piece from the set in this scene: the mirror, round table, religious statue in the corner, photo frame and lighter in the credenza, and cigarette (no fooling!) on the desk.

Credits: Credenza, desk, lamp, and couch are vintage German; coffee table, mirror, and statue are vintage Petite Princess; chair is Reac; wastebasket is AG Minis; Ibsen book is handmade by Oese; artwork is a postcard of Fallingwater from their gift shop. Accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, AG Minis, Pain d'epices, and a local rummage sale.


I never lived in a dorm room in college. Instead, I lived in some pre-war studios and apartments, sometimes alone, sometimes with roommates. Not like this scene, though! Perhaps this is a grad school dorm at the beach -- while the girl looks sassy and smart, she may not always want to study, especially if a strawberry shortcake awaits on her little terrace! :)

I decided to park this student's car in the "garage." Fits nicely!

By the way, the Stockholm now sits on a new credenza, bought for $49 (marked down from $499!) from my favorite Crate and Barrel outlet. It is meant as a piece for the dining room, but did not have its sliding doors. It is a nice glossy white with shelves, so I will be sure to fill them up!

Credits: Terrace: chair is vintage Modella; table is vintage Fisher Price; strawberry shortcake set is Re-ment; bongos are an eBay find; plant is vintage TOMY. Bedroom: Bed, lamp, and desk are vintage German; stool, butterflies on wall, fish tank, laptop, book and holder, bird candle, coffee press and cup, storage cubes, and potted plant are Re-ment; chair is Reac; photos and doll are Bozart; blue painting came with my VERO house; guitar is Nodameggaki; car is Lil' Bratz. Accessories are Re-ment and IKEA.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The strawberry shortcake set is from Puchi Mini Sweets, #9, and is large for 1:12, but can work. The coffee press is from Megahouse Dach's Coffee Shop, #2 and is good for 1:12.

Sunday Night Blues

We joke in my house how I suffer from the "Sunday Night Blues." This means I get a bit gloomy when Sunday night rolls around, because I am sad the weekend is gone and I wonder what I accomplished. The weekend always goes; accomplishments are not as certain!

So, blue was my color today and I gravitated toward the Lundby Stockholm bathroom. I've used it as a bathroom and laundry room, but not a bedroom before. I got some new vintage German bedroom pieces and decided to put them to use here, in addition to some girlie accents. I tried two different kinds of light: incandescent (more shadows) and fluorescent. I think I prefer the latter.

This weekend I actually did accomplish some major organizing in my doll house room. We bought a lovely wood dresser from a Crate and Barrel outlet recently - it was marked down from $799 to $59 (!!), so I figured why not. The catch was one drawer was missing and there were no drawer pulls. I purchased some drawer pulls and filled the two drawers with Reac chairs and some plastic organizers.

I also got some smaller boxes that came in a pack of four...the colors were so similar to the K House, I had to get them.

I was able to re-package and sort by volume and chair all of my Reac, so they are better protected and inventoried. I also filled the organizers (mostly Re-ment) according to some logic. Now I feel I have a better handle on what I have, and it was actually easier for me to put this scene together.

I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated over the past year - it was just over one year ago that my husband gave me the Villa Sibi for Christmas. I think he regrets that decision every day! :)

Credits: Bed and night table are vintage German; torchiere light is Playmobil; egg table, globe, lava lamp, pink filing boxes, and pink purse are Re-ment; chair is Reac; backpack is a Japanese eraser; rug and wall organizer are AG Minis; artwork is Bozart; clock is Sanrio. Accessories are AG Minis and Mighty World.

Roof in Winter

I know, not a typical holiday scene, but I was cleaning up in my doll house room and looked longingly at my very messy Lundby Stockholm and noted that the only uncluttered room was the roof!!

I have to say the concrete walls give an urban vibe, rather than beachy, but it is still a dream scene for some sun and fun. Happy holidays, all!

Credits: Folding chairs are Manor House Miniatures; cafe table and umbrella are Mighty World; flower sculpture on railing is AG Minis; sideboard is vintage Jean of West Germany; plant is an aquarium plant; pot is from a craft store; lounge chair is an eBay find; side table, koi tank, "candle" on cafe table, elephant, and pig are Re-ment; vase is a bead from Pubdoll; "rug" is a coaster. Accessories are Re-ment, eBay, vintage TOMY, Manor House Miniatures, AG Minis, and from France.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The koi tank is from Dogs Enjoy Life, #8 "New Year's Dogs," and is good in 1:12. The Pellegrino-type bottle is from Black Cat Italian Restaurant, #1, and is a bit large for 1:12. The pink panda keepsake box on the sideboard shelf is from Girl's Treasures, #9, and is good for 1:12.

Typing Time

Seeing this typewriter reminds me of being in high school (before the age of personal computers) and typing out my papers. I kind of miss the simplicity, but appreciate the (simple) complexity of today's conveniences. :) I am motivated by color, so the yellow and black set the tone for the scene, hence Mr. Penguin had to make an appearance!

You'll see some photos with a wall covering, some without. I decided to put up some strips of origami paper, mostly to see if I could succeed in hiding the outlets!

Pubdoll is a wonder, and has created this beautiful ball clock for me. It is amazing and looks fantastic. I am so pleased to have it. Now I need a 1:1 one!

Credits: Bed by AG Minis; Eames elephant by Reac; table is vintage Bodo Hennig; chair and lamp are vintage German; small table is vintage Petit Princess; typewriter, coffee pot, storage unit, plant, crayons and sketch book are Re-ment; "wallpaper" are strips of origami paper; artwork is a tarot card; cowhide rug and books are by Oese; ball clock by Pubdoll; pillow is by Tarkus; small instrument is by Nodamegakki; vases at foot of bed are Bozart; glass vases are beads; clear shell was a freebie with a Re-ment order. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Bozart, Mighty World, and our local toy store.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. Coffee pot is from Black Cat Italian Restaurant #5, and is good for 1:12. The storage unit is from Storage Beauty #10, "Display Shelf," and is also good for 1:12. The plant is from the Room series # 3, and is a bit on the small size, but good for 1:12. The plant pot is actually a cooking stand for a pot from I Love Kyoto #1 "Traditional Conger Cuisine." It works for 1:12 as I have re-purposed it. The typewriter is from one of my favorite sets, Natalie's French Sundries # 5, and works for 1:12. The crayons and sketch pad are from another terrific set, My Favorite Stationery # 8, and are good for 1:12.

Three Rooms, Apart

Perhaps you have done this too -- create a scene (s) as an excuse to try out some new acquisitions. I am guilty of this today. These three rooms -- a tea salon, powder room, and playroom -- really don't totally relate, but I wanted to test out a lot of things. I bought two of the traditional, Deco-like couches for about a dollar on UK eBay, and felt compelled to use one here since stylistically it is not a typical choice for me. The same goes for the large rug and the tea set items.

In the powder room (and on the deck), I was able to use some things from the Mighty World Town Life Cafe set, which I *finally* got a hold of online, through a toy store in Connecticut. I also purchased some Re-ment from PlayscaleMinis to try out a few different pieces from the "Girls in the City" office sets.

Upstairs, I decided to use a 1/16 scale vintage Jean of West Germany playroom set, which goes with the bubbly wallpaper.

Credits: Tea salon: Deco couch, rug, picture above sweets, and side chair are eBay finds; sweets table, white coffee service table and lamp are AG Minis; round table is vintage Petite Princess; pictures above couch are Calico Critters; purse is Re-ment; jacket is from one of my Euro Minis dolls; accessories are Re-ment, Mighty World, and Bozart. Powder Room: Sink is DHE; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; mirror is AG Minis; side table and makeup shelf is Mighty World; small vanity is Re-ment; accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Petite Princess, and Lolly's. Playroom and Deck: Shelf, dresser (really a wardrobe on its side), and rocking horse are vintage Jean of West Germany; table is vintage Lundby; chair is Reac; corner table is Re-ment; light is AG Minis; cafe table and chairs on deck are Mighty World; accessories are Re-ment, Pain d'epices, and eBay.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in these scenes with the exception of the following:Tea Salon: The small cakes on the tiered tray are from Elegant Sweets, #5 "Delicious Artisan Cakes," and are good for 1:12. The tiered tray, tea pot and cup on small table, brown and white cake cup along the back of the long table, the white platters, and the butterfly plates are from the Princess Tea Party set, #8 "The Princess' Favorite," and are all good for 1:12. The chocolate treat in the glass vase, the chocolate top hat cake, the strawberry dome and the white dome on the small table are from the Special Cakes for Me, # 4 "Patisserie Collection," and are good as large, fancy treats in 1:12. The gold purse is from Girls in the City, #4 "Hot Date After Work," and is good as large bag in 1:12. Powder Room: The white mirror and brush, gold and blue perfume bottle with a cross, white scalloped box on bottom shelf, and pink puff in box are from the secret set of Cosmetic, #1 "Princess," and are all good for 1:12. The two square eyeshadow boxes and the lipstick are from Cosmetic, #5 "Actress," and work for 1:12. The blue Tiffany box and purple watch on sink are from Girls in the City, # 4 "Hot Date After Work." The watch is good for 1:12, but the box is too large as a watch box but can be re-purposed. The pink cosmetics bag and hair rollers are from Girls in the City, #5 "Overseas Retreat," and are good for 1:12. Playroom: The yellow school bus is from American Kitchen, #9 "Family Christmas," and is good for 1:12. The red water toy and pink pencil sharpener are from Primary School Stationery, # 8 and # 9, respectively, and are good for 1:12.


I love the nifty pool-in-a-drawer in the Lundby Stockholm, but have not yet used it in a scene. I recently got a lounge chair so thought I'd give it a whirl. How nice it would be to have quick access to a cool dip and then be able to saunter over for a cup of coffee and a treat in the adjacent sitting area!

Credits: Lounge chair is an eBay find; side table is Petite Princess; boat is from Drap; potted plant, toaster, dress form, and cups and saucers are from Pain D'epices; bookshelf unit and lamp are vintage German; chairs are Reac; table is a marble candle base from TJ Maxx; table sits on a table from the Villa Sibi; kitchen island is also from the Villa Sibi; coffee maker and blender are Lil' Bratz; garbage pail is from Manor House Miniatures; Fallingwater postcard from the Fallingwater gift shop; "wallpaper" behind kitchen island is origami paper; plant outside window is from a rummage sale; bathtub and sink are vintage Lundby; accessories are AG Minis, Ryan's Room, Bozart, Pain D'epices, Manor House Miniatures, Lil Bratz, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The chocolate dessert on the table is from Special Cakes for Me, #4. It is fine for 1:12 as a large, fancy treat!

Surf's Up

The wallpaper of this room in the Lundby Stockholm inspires fun, so I created a sporty teenage girl's room, complete with shoes, makeup and a chill spot for watching TV. She also has a deck conveniently adjacent for cool chats with her friends - lucky girl! An art set is nearby if she feels inspired. I added a Pop Art headboard of a 1961 Roy Lichtenstein painting (courtesy of a postcard) to lull her to dreams.

Surf's up for me, too. In a few days, I am traveling overseas with my husband and kids for a dear friend's wedding in Spain, and then we are going to France. I don't know if I will be able to post while I am gone (certainly no scenes!), but I hope to make my way to mini places of interest.

Credits: Bed is from the Villa Sibi; coverlet is Bozart; pillow is IKEA; side table is Lundby; gold chair, bedside lamp, surfboard, art case, shoes, deck coffee table, and purse are Lil Bratz; "wastebasket" is Re-ment; shelving unit is two small Bodo Hennig chairs stacked on top of each other; TV is a UK eBay find; chairs on deck are all Reac Japan; accessories by Re-ment, Lil Bratz, Manor House Miniatures, and AG Minis.

Re-ment: The lava lamp is from the Megahouse Living Room #4 set and is good for 1:12; the wastebasket is actually a food container from the Tea Time #11 American Kitchen set and is best for 1:6, unless you are re-purposing it like I did. The white perfume bottle is actually a secret set from the Cosmetics "Princess" set that I luckily purchased from our local toy store. It is a bit on the large side for 1:12, but works. The spritz perfume bottle and powder box hiding on the top shelf of the unit are from the "Oriental Season" Winter set and are good for 1:12. The art markers are from the Primary School Stationary set #8, and are good for 1:12.