Sunday Night Blues

We joke in my house how I suffer from the "Sunday Night Blues." This means I get a bit gloomy when Sunday night rolls around, because I am sad the weekend is gone and I wonder what I accomplished. The weekend always goes; accomplishments are not as certain!

So, blue was my color today and I gravitated toward the Lundby Stockholm bathroom. I've used it as a bathroom and laundry room, but not a bedroom before. I got some new vintage German bedroom pieces and decided to put them to use here, in addition to some girlie accents. I tried two different kinds of light: incandescent (more shadows) and fluorescent. I think I prefer the latter.

This weekend I actually did accomplish some major organizing in my doll house room. We bought a lovely wood dresser from a Crate and Barrel outlet recently - it was marked down from $799 to $59 (!!), so I figured why not. The catch was one drawer was missing and there were no drawer pulls. I purchased some drawer pulls and filled the two drawers with Reac chairs and some plastic organizers.

I also got some smaller boxes that came in a pack of four...the colors were so similar to the K House, I had to get them.

I was able to re-package and sort by volume and chair all of my Reac, so they are better protected and inventoried. I also filled the organizers (mostly Re-ment) according to some logic. Now I feel I have a better handle on what I have, and it was actually easier for me to put this scene together.

I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated over the past year - it was just over one year ago that my husband gave me the Villa Sibi for Christmas. I think he regrets that decision every day! :)

Credits: Bed and night table are vintage German; torchiere light is Playmobil; egg table, globe, lava lamp, pink filing boxes, and pink purse are Re-ment; chair is Reac; backpack is a Japanese eraser; rug and wall organizer are AG Minis; artwork is Bozart; clock is Sanrio. Accessories are AG Minis and Mighty World.