I love the nifty pool-in-a-drawer in the Lundby Stockholm, but have not yet used it in a scene. I recently got a lounge chair so thought I'd give it a whirl. How nice it would be to have quick access to a cool dip and then be able to saunter over for a cup of coffee and a treat in the adjacent sitting area!

Credits: Lounge chair is an eBay find; side table is Petite Princess; boat is from Drap; potted plant, toaster, dress form, and cups and saucers are from Pain D'epices; bookshelf unit and lamp are vintage German; chairs are Reac; table is a marble candle base from TJ Maxx; table sits on a table from the Villa Sibi; kitchen island is also from the Villa Sibi; coffee maker and blender are Lil' Bratz; garbage pail is from Manor House Miniatures; Fallingwater postcard from the Fallingwater gift shop; "wallpaper" behind kitchen island is origami paper; plant outside window is from a rummage sale; bathtub and sink are vintage Lundby; accessories are AG Minis, Ryan's Room, Bozart, Pain D'epices, Manor House Miniatures, Lil Bratz, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The chocolate dessert on the table is from Special Cakes for Me, #4. It is fine for 1:12 as a large, fancy treat!