Revisiting the Neville House by CB2

In the process of reorganizing and tidying up my workroom space, I reconnected with the diminutive Neville House, produced by CB2 in 2011. It's such a great *little* modernist structure -- really little. It was sold and intended as a tabletop accessory, but who are we has such cool lines and the openings are indeed large enough to style the interiors, making it irresistible for modern miniature collectors. Patience required, however, since the roof nor sides do not open.

Welcome to the Neville House by CB2

Welcome to the Neville House by CB2

Furniture that is 1/24 scale works best, although 1/16 will work too, depending on the piece and its profile. I tend to gravitate to greens, browns, and yellows when I decorate this gem. It's such a compact space that you have to make careful choices without clutter. 


Credits: Couch and chair are vintage Dol Toi; rug is minimodernistas; side table is Djeco; pillow is by The Shopping Sherpa; deer artwork and package are from a dollhouse show; tennis racket and basket are Re-ment; swimmer artwork is from a sticker set of vintage European matchbook covers (yes, really).

The time it took me: 55 minutes