Sail Away

I am getting accustomed to my new doll house room, and am acclimating to the lighting. So, this scene was more of an experimentation than anything. The ship in the background is a framed piece that I love, so I just propped it up. I realize it looks a bit odd, but haven't quite figured out screening the background. I think I might have a photographer friend take some nature shots and I can place those in scenes. Pubdoll did this with some recent scenes, and they looked great.

The Puppenstuben credenza came this week from eBay, and will soon join some matching pieces that Oese had for sale! Yipee! I always love how people can create interesting tableaux on side pieces like this, with artwork or other items. I don't do this in my real life, of course, but tried to simulate in mini. :)

Credits: "Rug" under credenza is scrapbook paper; Side chairs are vintage Bodo Hennig; credenza is vintage Puppenstuben; wall unit and table are vintage Modella; red chairs and Eames lounger are Reac; white couch and artwork on credenza is Bozart; magazine holder is Re-ment; cow throw and some of the books are handmade by Oese; light on wall unit is vintage German; rug is The House That Jacq Built; ship is from DRAP in Spain; ball clock is handmade by Pubdoll; lamp is vintage VERO; guitar is Nodameggakki. Accessories are Bozart, Playmobil, Re-ment, AG Minis, MAR Toys, and our local craft store.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The apple and tray on the table are from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen, # 9 and are good for 1:12. The candelabra is from Princess Tea Party, # 2 "The Princess' Late Night Tea," and is good for 1:12.