Kaleidoscope Art

It was fun to pop into the Kaleidoscope House for a quick scene this weekend. It is one of my favorite houses, mainly because of the colorful shadows and light, which can inspire but also challenge interior decorating.

This scene was primarily motivated by the very cool "painting" by Jaime Derringer hanging on the upper level. I've admired Jaime's work for a while, and have one of her (1:1 scale) drawings. Jaime is the founder of the highly influential blog Design Milk, and also creates colorful abstracts and sketches actively.

My "painting" is actually a work entitled From Above it Looks Like a Giant Mess that Jaime posted on her Instagram feed. I immediately loved the color scheme and energy; I printed it out, edged it with some washi tape, and it was good to go!

What's been motivating you lately???

Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; boomerang table is by Patie of minisX2 on Etsy; side table is miniatures.com; chair is by the amazing Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures; bookshelf is by Lene of Dragondee; plant is AG Minis; rug is IKEA; lamp is by Maryann Roy. Accessories are Bozart, AG Minis, Re-ment, Jazams, Dragondee, and minimodernistas.

The time it took me: 40 minutes


I had every intention of creating a "modern nautical" scene, inspired by some lovely marine blue chevron paper from the Paper Source, but not sure I succeeded. The vision was different in my head and I don't think I quite articulated it. I had bought some cool ocean life pushpins on clearance (white modern sand dollars, starfish, and seashells) and was convinced I would use them here somehow, but it just didn't work, and things fell off into a different direction. Does this ever happen to you? Please tell me it does!

In any case, it was lots of fun to put together!

By the way...if you like following this blog and do it via Google Reader, you now need to follow me using a different reader such as Bloglovin' or Feedly since Google Reader is kaput as of today, July 1. If you use Blogger like I do, your dashboard will still work as a reader for the blogs you follow, but you still might look into an alternate reader. I signed up for Bloglovin' and it was a quick click of a button to move all of the blogs I follow over to the new reader. See you there!!

Credits: Couch is vintage Brio; side table is Re-ment; office chair is Petite Princess; desk is brinca dada; plant is Playmobil; rug is a coaster from Crate & Barrel; circle wall art are also coasters that I picked up in Palm Springs; light is a pull chain from Lowes; wall covering is from the Paper Source, as is the flooring. Accessories are AG Minis, CB2, Re-ment, Barbie by Jonathan Adler, ELF Miniatures, Michaels, Manor House Miniatures, and Nodameggakki.

The time it took me: 57 minutes

A Detour Down Pinky Street

I am guessing that some of you out there are familiar with Pinky Street dolls, made by Baby Sue and Vance Project of Japan since 2003. Pinky Street dolls have a huge, enthusiastic following. At four inches high, they are best suited for 1:18 or 1:12 environments, and have interchangeable parts that you can mix and match to make hip figures with street cred. I first saw them in modern doll house scenes on Altera's blog a few years ago (I miss your posts, Altera!), and I thought they were adorable. You can see them in action on her blog here, here, and here.

To learn all about Pinky Street gals, pinky-street.com is a great resource.

Now, I am generally not a doll person...my scenes are usually uninhabited. But, when I saw two Pinky Street dolls in the Kinokuniya book store in Los Angeles in March, I bought two! They were $10 each, and had some charm. I finally got around to taking them out of their packages for their maiden voyage to the Kaleidoscope House.



I set up a few different scenes with 1:12 and 1:18 scale pieces to see what might work best. I think 1:18 is a better scale...these are petite gals!

The Pinky girls split!
Hope you enjoyed my little detour down Pinky Street!

Credits: Diner benches and clear side table cube are by AG Minis; kidney shaped table is Ryan's Room; green chairs are Creative Playthings; rabbit head is a Christmas ornament from Anthropologie; planter is Manor House Miniatures; plant is Playmobil; flooring is origami paper; pillow is by Megan of Modern Mini Houses; coffee table is made of two kitchen stools by brinca dada, turned on their sides; guitar is Nodamegakki. Accessories are AG Minis and Lilu Shop on Etsy.

The time it took me: 32 minutes for all the set ups

WallPops! Featuring Jonathan Adler

OK, I am in love. 

You've probably caught drift of an ongoing trend in 1:1 scale design over the past few years -- wall decals -- but I cannot say that they have taken hold of the world of modern miniature design. It has occurred to me in the past to try to adapt decals for scenes, but the scale of the prints never seemed right (mostly too large) and they generally were not aesthetically appealing (too childlike or too ho-hum).

Until now...!

One of the highlights of my visit to the New York International Gift Fair (my review of NYIGF and Toy Fair is forthcoming) was the WallPops! line of decals, especially their collaboration with Jonathan Adler. I was blown away by the bold, gorgeous prints, and knew that I could use them in modern mini environments.

I tried the "Santorini" Stripe roll, which measures 6-1/2" wide and 12' long and retails for $17.99.

I chose my Kaleidoscope House for this scene, thinking that the plastic panels would make for a smooth backdrop. The roll has an adhesive backing that is REMOVABLE -- yes, it did easily peel off without any residue or damage -- and they are very easy to cut to size, apply, and smooth down.

The room is transformed into a chic, mod (shoe) den! I even was inspired to use some of my gold Deco Tape on the ladder, to help integrate it more in the room.

I see a lot of uses for WallPops! for modern dollhouses and room boxes, and it is nice to have a creative alternative to scrapbook paper. In addition to the rolls, there are coordinating designs that come in "dots" (13" in diameter) and "blox" (13" x 13" sheets), so you could easily adapt them for flooring, wall paper, and ceiling decoration. I would not recommend applying WallPops! over existing wallpaper, but plastic or wood walls would work well. Regardless, I do recommend testing a small, inconspicuous spot of the surface to ensure the decal easily peels off.

Thanks, WallPops!, and please let me know if any of you decide to take the leap into decals!

Credits: Daybed is Reac; sideboard is vintage German; vase is a dollhouse show find; flooring is Indian Embossed Pebbles paper from Kate's Paperie; globe light is minimodernistas. Accessories are Barbie, Re-ment, and AG Minis

The time it took me: 2 hours (I fussed over furnishings, even though it ended up being pretty minimal)

Holiday Cheer

Spreading a bit of holiday cheer, as 2012 draws to a close.

Snow fell here on Christmas Eve...a nice touch to a lovely evening! Here's wishing you all a very happy holiday and a great new year. It has been a fun journey connecting with you, especially new followers, and I hope this continues into 2013!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. It means a lot and really keeps me going!

C H E E R S!

Credits: Tootsie Roll couch is minimodernistas; pillows by The Shopping Sherpa; trees are Design Ideas, and angel toppers are wooden ornaments from Jazams; chairs are vintage eBay finds, likely are from an Add-a-Room set; table is an eBay find; plant is vintage TOMY; artwork is Bozart; nativity scene is a handmade "matchbox" set from Peru, purchased at Ten Thousand Villages; flooring is from the Paper Source. Accessories are AG Minis, CB2, Jazams, Re-ment, ELF, and Manor House Miniatures.

The time it took me: 50 minutes


Can't quite remember the last time I took a relaxing soak in the tub to just slow down and indulge. The Cubebot challenge was such great fun, but it really took a lot out of me. I enjoyed it all, but kept myself quite busy and focused on making it a success. Mini Modern posted about her win, and Fran let me know that she already received her goodies! Congrats again, gals, and thanks again to AREAWARE and to all the entrants.

A quick recap of this scene: the modern tub is a soap dish from Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target, don't remember, with a faucet from a large scale kitchen set. I always hunt the clearance section for random bath accessories and other adaptable pieces. My rule of thumb: always take a look, and then a second look. If you see something you think you might just use, pick it up!

The side of the stairwell is covered in strips of yellow flowered washi tape. I love the stuff, and always pick up rolls when I see them. They adhere well and even come off quite easily. The flooring is wonderful paper from Lee's Art Shop. Heavenly!

The cork backing is actually a flooring sample from Lowes. They are not free, but are quite affordable at .99/each. The towel is cut from a piece of adhesive-backed felt from Jo Ann Fabrics; it can be shaped and draped quite effectively.

I hope to post some more updates on a few other mini projects soon...I've been getting crafty! Perhaps I will get to completing some work over winter break.

By the way, speaking of projects, if you have been looking for an Artply Highland and are up for some light renovating, Lori has one for sale for pickup in Jacksonville, FL. It's in great condition and just needs some updating. You can see an album of photos on the Call of the Small Facebook page. Lori is asking $150/OBO. Please email me if interested at call-small(at)call-small(dot)com.

Credits: Tub is a soap dish; plant is Manor House Miniatures in a Playmobil planter; side table is brinca dada; chair is by Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures. Accessories are AG Minis, Re-ment, Petite Princess, beads, and random eBay finds.

The time it took me: 57 minutes

Hanging Around

Well, here's a lounge scene in my Kaleidoscope House, which I have not used in quite some time. I do so love this house. It's great fun to decorate, and I like the effect of the color panels on scenes, especially when I use the fluorescent lighting in my basement room.

My recent cleanup meant that I could have easy access to the house, including a clear perimeter, which is necessary when turning it around to get to your desired room. Before digging into my scene, though, I tried out the new replacement roof that I bought some time ago on eBay for $20. My original roof does not sit completely flush, as is the case with many of the houses. This one worked quite well, I am pleased to say!

Now on to the scene...I decided to travel upstairs to one of the bedrooms, and got started with the wallpaper. I chose a piece of scrapbook paper from my DCWV "Serenity" stack (JoAnn has them on sale for $9.99). I chose a bold lined paper, and meant to have the lines running vertically, but I cut it the wrong way while distracted doing something else (duh). Yup, I used it anyway!

The flooring is a cherry wood paper from the Paper Source. I love these specialty papers; they really add warmth and realism to a scene, and helped to offset the colors of the desk (makeshift combination of a brinca dada kitchen island and a vintage Brio office shelving).

Now for the lounging...I got the Reac cowhide chair from Toy Tokyo for $17, which is a great store in Manhattan chock full of "designer" toys, mini figures, and action figures. And, they have a small selection of Re-ment and usually some Reac chairs, all blind boxes. I got lucky on this one, and also got a black ball chair! By the way, it looks like Reac has come out with a new "Assorted" line, which includes a selection of existing chairs.
Photo courtesy of Reac Japan

I'd love it if they came out with new ones too. Although, I am still pining for a La Chaise...
Photo courtesy of Reac Japan

Dreamy...but I digress!

The lighting in this scene is the result of a little repurposing. I was in Lowes last week an saw these pull chains by Harbor Breeze in the lighting department. POW!

It was almost *too* easy to come across these, given they are sized so nicely for mini use, and are about $4 each. I looked forward to using them here, but quickly came to realize that I had no way to suspend them into the scene. I scrambled around and rigged them sloppily!

Yup, that's a piece of balsa wood and a binder clip!
Worked, though!

Speaking of hanging around, look what I found guarding the last of our garden tomatoes!

I'd not mess with her!

Miss spider is actually a nice segue to the end of this post: I wanted to remind you all that I have a great giveaway going on RIGHT NOW with Safari Ltd, which makes incredibly realistic replicas. While they are known for their animal replicas, I am offering two of their TOOBs that may appeal to you miniaturists out there: trains and buildings! To enter the giveaway, go to this post on my blog and leave a comment. The giveaway closes on September 15, so head on over there! GOOD LUCK!

Credits: Lounge chair is Reac; office chair, planter, and Asian shelf are Re-ment; desk is a brinca dada kitchen island and vintage Brio office shelving; lighting are pull chains by Harbor Breeze; ball clock is handmade by Pubdoll; wall art is a charm from Michaels; wallpaper is DCVW; flooring is the Paper Source. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, doll house store finds, Gigi N Studio, handmade by the Shopping Sherpa, Playmobil, and made by my son (the origami crane on the top shelf)!

Re-ment: The green painter's palette is from Black Cat Italian Restaurant, #4, and is a bit large for 1:12, but works. See my Mini-Sizer wiki for more on Re-ment!

The time it took me: 1 hour, 5 minutes


OK, I'm having some fun here. Even though I am being jokey, I did dress up this room a bit in my Kaleidoscope House. The lamp is fancy, no? It's vintage German (labeled "Made in West Germany") and looks like it is from the late 1950s or early 1960s. I checked the puppenhausmuseum website a bit, but did not turn up a picture to help with identification.

The little bot is from a Star Wars mini figure set. I don't know about you, but looks too big to be to be a key chain! The kitties don't seem too scared.

Notice those terrific monogram pillows?? Thanks to Dale of Dale's Dreams on Etsy -- she included them as extras with a recent purchase from her store. Check out her great offerings! Thanks, Dale!!

Credits: Lamp is vintage German; chairs are CB2 ornaments; ball clock is handmade by the awesome Pubdoll; monogram pillows are by Dale's Dreams on Etsy; flooring is Natural Woven from the Paper Source; wallpaper is from the DCWV "Downtown Loft" 12 x 12 scrapbook stack; chaise is PRD; plant is Manor House Miniatures in a Playmobil planter; cube side table is AG Minis. Accessories are Playmobil, Michaels, Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, and random eBay finds.

The time it took me: 42 minutes

Shaken, but Sorted

So I finally get shelving up in my doll house room in the basement, and New Jersey goes and has an EARTHQUAKE! In New Jersey???! Yup, the effects of a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia were felt all the way up the east cost today. Luckily, it only lasted 10-15 seconds and all is fine. My first, and hopefully last, earthquake.

There's a few posts in the pipeline -- a review of the "Otherworldly" exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design and a super-surprise-you'll-never-guess post -- so this one will be brief!

At long last, the shelves and brackets purchased for a song at the Crate & Barrel outlet near me are installed and most of my doll houses now are aloft in the room! I also organized a bunch of furnishings in my (not so) spare time on the shelves and reworked the perimeter storage.

Better, right?

I couldn't resist doing a quick scene in the Kaleidoscope House...a celebratory hurrah for that work! Now I just have to keep it all clean!

A reminder to join in on the August ***FREE ALERT*** on the Call of the Small Facebook page. There's some great Re-ment and storage containers up for grabs. You have until Wednesday, August 31, to comment...give it a whirl!

Credits: Couch is a vintage eBay buy; pillow is minimodernistas; side table is vintage VERO; plant is TOMY; rug is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; table is a drawer pull; light is Re-ment; wall art is an ornament from Crate & Barrel; wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Accessories are Bozart, Manor House Miniatures, beads, and doll house store finds.

The time it took me: 17 minutes (for the K House scene) and I lost count on the organizing and cleaning!

Back to the Drawing Board

Anyone affected by all the Blogger problems these past few days? My blog certainly was, and I apologize for the fact that the post I put up on the evening of Wednesday, May 11, disappeared, as did the comments I received! What a bummer! According to Blogger, some data corruption during scheduled maintenance wreaked havoc on the service from Wednesday evening forward, and many, many folks were affected. Supposedly all is fixed now, but my post is still GONE. This has taught me to copy the text of all my posts when complete so that I have a backup.

Perhaps that post, which was a scene in the bath of my Citadel, was just not meant to be...so, instead of recreating it, I have gone back to the drawing board to start fresh with a scene in my Kaleidoscope House. I was itching to use a sleek new 1:12 scale Maisto bike that I purchased on eBay (it's all Otterine's fault!!), and it is indeed a beauty, really lovely and realistic.

And for $7.50, not too shabby!

The flooring is one of my favorite Chilewich place mats, and for the first time I decided to use the entire thing. Normally, I cut pieces out, but the K House great room can handle it, I think!

The island is completely hacked: a Bodo Hennig kitchen cabinet on its side with two Crate & Barrel coasters. What do you think? I rarely use dolls, but I decided to use one to verify that the scale of the hack worked.

Another small hack is the fireplace covering, which is a small picture frame we got at a friend's wedding over a decade ago (sorry, D & N!). I cut off the back, affixed it over the opening, and put in a Lundby plant to soften the hard lines. Ever get creative with your modern fireplaces? Mini Modern recently created one from a miniature canvas, and I loved when Modern Mini Houses papered her Kaleidoscope House one.

The lovely green vase above the fireplace and awesome design mags on the tulip table are extra tidbits from my swap with The Shopping Sherpa -- I received them last week, to my surprise. Don't you love those packages???

Credits: Tulip table, chairs, lamp, and bottom of island are Bodo Hennig; top of island is a set of two coasters from Crate & Barrel; chair is Reac; cabinet is vintage German; kitchen unit is Bozart; BMW bike is Maisto; flooring is a Chilewich place mat; fireplace covering is a picture frame; plant is vintage Lundby; magazines and green vase are from The Shopping Sherpa. Accessories are Re-ment, beads, and dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 55 minutes.

Opposing Views

Once my TOMY Smaller Home and Garden came to live in my dollhouse room, it ended up facing my Kaleidoscope House. They couldn't be more different, of course--not only in scale and shape, but color. The K House is a multi-colored gem that shifts hues as you play in it and move the plexi panels, while the TOMY is a study in neutral yellows, tans, and browns.

I worked on a scene in the K House that was all about bold strokes of color. This is a case where I would only do this in 1:12 scale, instead of my 1:1 life. I picked up the table base in the clearance section of TJ Maxx for $2, and have no clue what is supposed to be. I am sure that there are pieces to it missing. It has the word "limonata" on it, which I know is a tasty fizzy drink, but who knows.

See the blond wood flooring (it's actually a sheet from the Paper Source)? What do you think of this look for the K House? This is my first time experimenting with any wood-type flooring here. I think I dig it.

After finishing that scene, I decided to throw a very quick one together "across the street" in the TOMY. Thus far I have only set up scenes in the upstairs, so I decided to use the living room space. Really only 1:16 or smaller works in this room -- most of the 1:12 pieces I tried looked so gigantic. So in went my vintage LISA set and a diminutive 1:12-scale PRD Miniatures coffee table along with some other neutral pieces.

Quite the opposite of the limonata, eh?

Credits: K House: Table base is from TJ Maxx, and top of the table is a holiday ornament from Crate and Barrel; Eames molded chairs are Reac; desk chair is vintage Wolverine; desk is a plastic box; plant is vintage TOMY; wall art is a jewelry charm from Michaels, and the wallpaper is also from there; fixture is by Bozart; record player on top shelf is from a set of Japanese magnets; wood flooring is from the Paper Source; rug is Peppercorn Minis. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, beads from Pubdoll, ELF Miniatures, and dollhouse store finds. TOMY: Couch and chairs are vintage LISA; standing lamp and plant are vintage Lundby; coffee table is PRD Miniatures; side table is vintage German, as is the table lamp; logs are a train layout accessory from Michaels; picture on fireplace mantle is by Gigi N Studio, and vase is from a dollhouse store, don't remember which one.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in these scenes with one exception, in the K House scene. The flower pot receptacle on the desk is a tea pot from Fairytale Tableware #4, and is good for 1:12.

The Blues

The holidays have come early for me this year. I went into a Hallmark store recently, and was reminded of Mini Modern's tip about Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments and their possibilities. And lo and behold, I managed to drop a little dough on this popular enterprise. I had NO idea how elaborate ornaments had become! In my day, we'd untangle yards of Christmas lights and put up the same silver or gold balls year after year. Some garland too (if my Mom was feeling festive...and patient!).

Ornaments today have detail, sound, and reflect current trends, pop stars, and just about anything someone wants to hang off a tree. And for some of these, you need to have a substantial tree. They are not for the weak! Some ornaments work for 1:12 or larger. Not many work for smaller, at least not the selection I saw at this store.

The turquoise drum kit in this scene is an ornament; I actually had to cover the front with some black glitter paper. The Jonas Brothers smile from underneath!

The little vintage Harley was a good find -- perfect as an accent piece in 1:12.

I decided to put a few charms from Michaels in the window panes and then couldn't stop. All became filled with something, and it turned into an exercise of not knocking things off from their very narrow perch!

Let me know if you get and/or use any ornaments in your dolls houses!

Credits: Flooring is Japanese folding paper; drum kit and mini Harley are Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments; chair is Reac; coffee table is vintage Petite Princess; side table is vintage VERO; plant is vintage TOMY; little plants by the stairs and light are Re-ment; guitar is a Japanese toy; black rug is by Peppercorn Minis; picture is Lundby. Accessories are charms from Michaels, Lilu Shop on Etsy, AG Minis, Re-ment, made by me, beads from Pubdoll, and random doll house store finds.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with one exception. The shoes by the stairs are from Oriental Season "Spring," and are good for 1:12.


This is a scene of transition. I did not quite know I was creating a scene of transition until I looked through the images tonight. As I uploaded them, I thought that this place belongs to a young person, perhaps in his/her late teens who wants to hold on to childhood (video game, soccer ball), but knows growing up is inevitable (coffee, iPhone, books).

And then I realized that this whole scene likely was a subconscious commentary on losing my dad as an eighteen year old. The anniversary of his death was Friday, and while I think of him often, that date always has an extra weight. A lot of great things have transpired in the past two decades, making his absence all the more sad. Miss you, Dad.

Not wanting to end on a totally somber note, I share a picture of the vintage Brio Mobilia bed in its package, purchased on eBay as a lot along with a dining room set from the same era. I hope to show that in my Brio house soon.

Credits: Video game is Re-ment; bed is vintage Brio Mobilia; "lights" above bed are actually two vintage Fisher Price chairs flipped upside down; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from Michaels, and the rug is embossed felt from there too (thanks, Mini Modern!); desk is a plexi case from Oese; standing light is vintage Lundby; chair is Reac; mid century couch artwork is a birthday card from my sister-in-law; bird artwork is a postcard by Nikki McClure; iPad and iPhone are two new purchases from LiLu Shop on Etsy. Accessories are Re-ment, Japanese erasers, beads from Pubdoll, AG Minis, Ryan's Room, and toy stores.

Re-ment: The video game is from a really neat Megahouse set, "Amusement Rides" #1, and it works for 1:12. The detail is amazing.

The Great (Small) Experiment

I journeyed to the west coast for a friend's wedding and have now returned. We saw lots of friends, relaxed a ton (the kids stayed with my Mom), and I had some mini fun. I went to the Re-ment Fan Club meeting in LA (see Robin's report here), and received many wonderful free goodies, and purchased a bunch with some birthday present money :)

Once we were in San Francisco, I made my way to SFMOMA and found some treasures in the store there. One find was a place mat that has a great metallic sheen and a modern lattice-like design. I knew I could put it to good use somehow...

So, an experiment in the K House:

And one in the Citadel:

I really felt inspired to use it in the Citadel, since I received some very creative responses to my post about what to do with the unwallpapered double-height wall. Some folks suggested that I "animate" it with texture. I like the effect.

Another great effect is created by the use of my great new Arc lamp, made with precision and care by minimodernistas. It is delicate and bold at the same time -- I love it!

By the way....my next purchase might just be this phenomenal fish "condo" with room box potential from the SFMOMA store. I did not see it while I was there, but thanks to online commerce, I can get it shipped!

photo courtesy of the SFMOMA store website

I wanted to extend a big "thanks!" to all of my followers, and to the many new people who found me after the New York Times article. I really appreciate your support!

Coming up next...a MoMA playhouse giveaway! Some of my blogger friends have already shared their reviews and giveaways, so you'll have another opportunity to get your hands on one! Stay tuned...

Credits: K House: Amazing Arc lamp by minimodernistas; white sectional couch and coffee table base by Bozart; marble table top is a soap dish from TJ Maxx; base of marble table is a console by Paris Renfroe; chairs at table are from Manor House Miniatures; clear Bertoia chair coffee table top is a coaster from SFMOMA; plant is an aquarium plant from a rummage sale. Citadel (repeats from K House scene excluded): rug by Peppercorn Minis; plant is from Lolly's; plant pot is by Manor House Miniatures; small-scale house is by Tomytec; two gold drum table chairs are vintage Petite Princess; yellow and green chairs and table base for house are vintage VERO; bowl on table by Gigi Studio.


I have a few Mighty World sets and they definitely come in handy for accessories or other functional items. The tiny, blocky people go to my kids and I take most of the rest for possible use in a scene or two. Recently, I found and bought two of the Jeff the Mechanic sets on clearance ($3.75 each) and those fire engine red and silver toolboxes said desk drawers to me, likely for a creative type.

So, here is how I used them, with lots of accessories from the set (smaller tool box, paint cans, motor oil).

Bunnies seemed mandatory this day...and they are courtesy of another toy maker, Playmobil.

Credits: Desk top is Bozart; desk drawers, tool box, and boom box are Mighty World; Mac is from Lilu shop on Etsy; globe is a magnet from the MoMA store in New York; globe base is a vintage German plate; Tulip chair is Reac; shelving units and hanging light are Re-ment; plant is from a rummage sale; pot is a craft store find, painted silver. Accessories are Re-ment, Bodo Hennig, Playmobil, Sanrio, random finds from German eBay, and from Pain d'epices.

Crafty at Heart

There was lots of Valentine card making for my kids' classroom celebrations today, which ended up not happening. We got hit with mounds of snow (close to 18" by us), along with the rest of the east coast, and the sun shines on all that needs shoveling today. The valentines will still go to their appreciative friends next week, after the snow has cleared.

Here are some pictures taken in the thick of the storm -- can you spot the intrepid squirrel? :)

Credits: Green couch, counter, two chairs, and tomato artwork are Bozart; boomerang table and lamp are vintage German; art mat and accessories, green flowered tables by fireplace, cookies, danish, bread, bowl, fishbowl, bunny purse, clock, and phone are Re-ment; juice is a Japanese eraser; ball chair is Reac; stacked sideboards are vintage VERO; pouf is Lundby; "wallpaper" is scrapbook paper; skateboard is Tech Deck; pillows are AG Minis; accessories by Manor House Miniatures, Tiny Doll House Shop, and eBay finds.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The cookie box is from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen #4, and is large for 1:12. The round bread in the bowl is from Re-ment Bakery #5, and is good for 1:12. The danish is from Fun Meals #7 "Morning Grab 'n Go," and is slightly large for 1:12. The art mat, glue, X-acto knife, tape dispenser, stapler, and tub of glue are all from My Favorite Stationery #5, and are all good for 1:12. The tiny jars of paint are from My Favorite Stationery # 8, and are good for 1:12.

Well Red

Yes, red is the color for me today! I've had this Lundby bed for quite some time and have never used it in a scene. The Jean of West Germany sideboard has made its way into a few scenes already, but never lifted off the ground! It just fit perfectly and slid into space above the bed.

I also decided to set up an office and bath scenes and mixed different scales: 1:10, 1:12, and 1:16. Can you tell which is which?

Credits: Bedroom: Bed is vintage Lundby; raised sideboard is vintage Jean of West Germany; cow rug is by Oese; table at foot of bed is vintage Fisher Price; red rocking chair is Reac; light, red Asian case next to bed, magazine, purse, red/white standing ashtray, and all the boxes above the bed (except Hello Kitty) are Re-ment; Hello Kitty box is Sanrio; black and red vases are Bozart; wall covering is scrapbook paper. Bath: Vanity is vintage TOMY; chair is vintage Petite Princess; brush, lipstick, false eyelash set and "rug" are Re-ment; wall covering is origami paper. Office: Red chair is vintage German; white desk and side drawers are vintage VERO; computer and keyboard are by Lilu Shop on Etsy; pencil sharpener, pencil set, tissue box, clock, book holder on desk, coffee tumbler, boxes on upper shelf, white shelf and bird, elephant, and laptop accessories on the shelf are Re-ment; white pig on upper shelf is a Japanese eraser; plant is vintage TOMY; books are AG Minis, Bozart and from France.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in these scenes with some exceptions. Bedroom: Red Asian case is from I Love Kyoto # 9, and is a bit large for 1:12. It is meant as a bento box, but can be re-purposed as I have done. House-shaped box above bed is from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen #9, and is good as a large storage box in 1:12. It is really meant as a lunch box. Bath: Brush is from Merry Strawberry #4 and is good for 1:12. False eyelash set and lipstick are from Cosmetics #5, "Actress," and are large for 1:12, but can work. Office: Tissue box is from Merry Strawberry # 9 and is good for 1:12. Pencil case is from My Favorite Stationery #6, and is a bit large for 1:12, but works. Golden bird on shelf is from Princess Tea Party # 7, and is good as an accent piece in 1:12.

Big Bath, Big Thanks!

This is the first time I have used the K House great room as a bath. I've used it as a bedroom, kitchen, and of course a living space many times, but never a bathroom. Our real "master" bath is anything but - it's a very narrow and tiny space, but at least it is ours and we don't have to share it with the kids. We couldn't anyway!!

In case you are wondering about the backdrop, it is a framed photograph that I propped up to hide the wall behind the house. I've used the vintage German cabinet (thanks, Oese!) as pillow storage, kind of like a linen closet (with less folding to do!).

By the way, today marks my first full year of blogging. THANK YOU for following and for tuning in and leaving your comments. It brings me great joy to write about and photograph my minis, and I love learning from others out there. Cheers!

Credits: Sink, bathtub, and toilet are vintage Bodo Hennig (thanks, Oese!); artwork is Bozart; Eames lounger is Reac; lamp is vintage Petite Princess; side table, wire basket, flower vase on bath, purse, and orange dresser and light are Re-ment; couch is vintage VERO; pillow is handmade by Tarkus; plant is an aquarium plant; cabinet is vintage German; coffee table is Lil' Bratz; vase on coffee table is a bead from Pubdoll; white rug is The House That Jacq Built; dress form is from Pain d'epices. Accessories are Re-ment, Pain d'epices, vintage TOMY, DRAP, Lundby, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, Ryan's Room, and Bozart.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with two exceptions: the mirror and brush on the dresser are from the secret set Cosmetics "Actress," #5, and are good for 1:12.

Stork Club

I have a fondness for storks. Of course, they symbolize a new beginning (Happy New Year!), but for me have always held some mystique, mainly because my Grandmother and great Aunt often told me stories of New York City's famed Stork Club, a fabulous, lush Art Deco haunt frequented by the elite (see Alfred Eisenstaedt's amazing images for LIFE here). Divorced sisters who both raised my mother, they once took her for an elegant evening out when she was a teenager in the 1950s. No lady could go in unaccompanied, so they were barred from entering at the door. My feisty Aunt promptly recruited a handsome stranger off the street to escort them in and they had a memorable night!

Credits: Swan (not stork!) chair by Reac; black chair is Creative Playthings; sideboard is vintage VERO; shelf and box on floor are Re-ment; black and white vases are Mattel (Barbie by Jonathan Adler); artwork is Bozart; flooring is scrapbook paper; lamp and whirlygig are AG Minis; side table is made of two vintage Petite Princess tables stacked one on top of the other; white poufs are Lundby; plant is vintage TOMY; paper storks are scrapbooking accessories from the Paper Source; tea set and New York City photo album and pictures are from the Tiny Doll House store; mirror is from Pain d'Epices. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, and Manor House Miniatures.

Sail Away

I am getting accustomed to my new doll house room, and am acclimating to the lighting. So, this scene was more of an experimentation than anything. The ship in the background is a framed piece that I love, so I just propped it up. I realize it looks a bit odd, but haven't quite figured out screening the background. I think I might have a photographer friend take some nature shots and I can place those in scenes. Pubdoll did this with some recent scenes, and they looked great.

The Puppenstuben credenza came this week from eBay, and will soon join some matching pieces that Oese had for sale! Yipee! I always love how people can create interesting tableaux on side pieces like this, with artwork or other items. I don't do this in my real life, of course, but tried to simulate in mini. :)

Credits: "Rug" under credenza is scrapbook paper; Side chairs are vintage Bodo Hennig; credenza is vintage Puppenstuben; wall unit and table are vintage Modella; red chairs and Eames lounger are Reac; white couch and artwork on credenza is Bozart; magazine holder is Re-ment; cow throw and some of the books are handmade by Oese; light on wall unit is vintage German; rug is The House That Jacq Built; ship is from DRAP in Spain; ball clock is handmade by Pubdoll; lamp is vintage VERO; guitar is Nodameggakki. Accessories are Bozart, Playmobil, Re-ment, AG Minis, MAR Toys, and our local craft store.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The apple and tray on the table are from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen, # 9 and are good for 1:12. The candelabra is from Princess Tea Party, # 2 "The Princess' Late Night Tea," and is good for 1:12.