A Different Kind of Tree

Each year, we buy a 12-15" potted herb like rosemary and have that as our holiday "tree," like this year. My youngest usually makes paper or pine cone decorations in his preschool, so those go on the tree, as do ribbons and other odds and ends.

I created this feather tree to illustrate another way people might celebrate and gather 'round in the holidays. The feather and its fixings came on a gift my husband received and I grabbed them, believing I might put them to some use. A craft store-bought pot holds the tree -- I used a silver marker to color it for a more festive look. My children's Legos came in handy for the presents under the tree. Which reminds me...I have some wrapping to do!

The cats have their little corner den to themselves -- their present is being able to frolic without supervision. I wonder if the cake is in jeopardy!

Credits: Couch and table are vintage VERO; trumpet and black cat stool are Nodameggaki; wallpaper is scrapbook paper; green floor trim is vintage Marx; marble head is my husband's; table with cake is vintage Puppenstuben; wall art is a postcard from France; hanging lights are from the Dolls House Emporium; clear chairs are Bozart; orange chair is vintage Bodo Hennig; rug, pillow, cat art, and lamp are AG Minis; side table is vintage Fisher Price; plant is from Lolly's; cat tower and cats are Playmobil City; orange stacking cubes, espresso maker and cups are Re-ment; cake is a Japanese eraser. Accessories are Re-ment, eBay finds, and from my children's collection!

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with one exception. The book on the side table is from Primary School Stationery, #9, and is good as a coffee table book in 1:12.