The Villa Sibi is decked out for the holidays, a move prompted by our local newspaper, West Windsor & Plainsboro News. The Editor asked me to decorate one of my houses and also participate in an interview about my hobby. The article just came out, so I now can share some pictures of my own of the house. I referred to my preparation in this post and decided not to add snow. I did, however, add some lights, a tree, and a fireplace (at first for the Villa Sibi!), along with some foresty greens and browns and silver and gold accents. And some red, of course.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Credits: Main house and patio: Couch is minimodernistas; pillows are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; chair and "live edge" bench on patio is by Logan of OneFortyThree; fireplace is from a swap with Oese, revamped by me a few years ago; mini trees are Lemax with bases from Lemon Cadet; boomerang table is by Paris Renfroe; round rug, arc lamp, chrome table and chairs are all eBay finds; hanging lamp is vintage German; Christmas tree is from Manor House Miniatures; angel tree topper is from JaZams, as are the Christmas lights (necklaces by Carolyn Forsman); presents are AG Minis; flooring and wallpaper are from the Paper Source; patio table is vintage Brio; white igloo chairs on roof are ornaments from CB2; reindeer and green rug are by Fran Made Minis; small side table is Re-ment. Accessories are AG Minis, ELF Miniatures, eBay finds, and from J at work. "Funk" Room: Stereo, speakers, and plant are all eBay finds; couch and chair are vintage Lundby; hanging snowflake is by Maryann Roy; red lights are a necklace by Carolyn Forsman; accent wall is paper from Michaels.

The time it took me: 1-1/2 hours over a few different days (a lot of changing and rearranging).