BUST Magazine

The arrows are mine :)
Modern miniatures are featured in BUST Magazine. That's right, BUST. Yes, that BUST. And we are "grown-ass ladies making tiny homes." I didn't know that when I did the interview, but now I do.

That's my photo! Page 60
After doing the interview, I found out that the magazine wanted to send a photographer to shoot me with some of my houses. EEEK. They provided some direction on what they wanted to photograph (3-4 different houses), but we left it pretty open. I decided not to set up any scenes, and instead spent time cleaning and dusting. Good choice.

In the end, they loved the Bodensee, so we focused on decorating there. I used some Breuer dining chairs for the first time, and was also able to highlight Pepper's amazing metal wall sculpture, which she custom made for me a few years ago. It worked perfectly over the fireplace.

Yes, I look COMPLETELY psychotic. Dollhouses relax me, honestly. They don't freak me out.
A scene in my Betsy McCall house
Whoo-hoo, a photo by Megan of Modern Mini Houses!
YAY! The Shopping Sherpa is featured.
My Blue Box house
I was very glad that some fantastic fellow collectors were featured in the piece, such as Megan of Modern Mini Houses and Anna-Maria of The Shopping Sherpa. I loved seeing their work in print, and reading their comments on the hobby. All in all, a nice article. 

I gave some suggestions on artisans, too.


Globe and Mail on Modern Miniature Design

A snippet from online -- you can read it here.

Modern miniature design gets some attention in the Globe and Mail -- hello, Toronto!!

An article has appeared in the Globe and Mail about modern dollhouses. The writer, Dave McGinn, did a nice job and it was a pleasure speaking with him. Paris Renfroe is also quoted, along with the people behind the architect-designed dollhouses and auction for KIDS, which I wrote about last week. I'm glad the project is getting some exposure. Not that it needs it, however...happily, many of the reserves on the dollhouses have been met. Most are over $1,000, with the highest at almost $15,000!

You can see the latest bids at A Doll's House.

Happy reading!


The Villa Sibi is decked out for the holidays, a move prompted by our local newspaper, West Windsor & Plainsboro News. The Editor asked me to decorate one of my houses and also participate in an interview about my hobby. The article just came out, so I now can share some pictures of my own of the house. I referred to my preparation in this post and decided not to add snow. I did, however, add some lights, a tree, and a fireplace (at first for the Villa Sibi!), along with some foresty greens and browns and silver and gold accents. And some red, of course.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Credits: Main house and patio: Couch is minimodernistas; pillows are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; chair and "live edge" bench on patio is by Logan of OneFortyThree; fireplace is from a swap with Oese, revamped by me a few years ago; mini trees are Lemax with bases from Lemon Cadet; boomerang table is by Paris Renfroe; round rug, arc lamp, chrome table and chairs are all eBay finds; hanging lamp is vintage German; Christmas tree is from Manor House Miniatures; angel tree topper is from JaZams, as are the Christmas lights (necklaces by Carolyn Forsman); presents are AG Minis; flooring and wallpaper are from the Paper Source; patio table is vintage Brio; white igloo chairs on roof are ornaments from CB2; reindeer and green rug are by Fran Made Minis; small side table is Re-ment. Accessories are AG Minis, ELF Miniatures, eBay finds, and from J at work. "Funk" Room: Stereo, speakers, and plant are all eBay finds; couch and chair are vintage Lundby; hanging snowflake is by Maryann Roy; red lights are a necklace by Carolyn Forsman; accent wall is paper from Michaels.

The time it took me: 1-1/2 hours over a few different days (a lot of changing and rearranging).

Setting the Scene

A quick departure from the Rad Pad into...the holidays! I know this does not look very festive, but I have just started to set the scene for what I hope will be a mod decorated home. One of our local newspapers has asked me to decorate one of my homes for the holidays as part of an article about me and my hobby, so I chose the Villa Sibi.

I got a bit sidelined with some recent goodies: the awesome green rug is from Fran of Fran Made Minis. Isn't it GREAT?? I love the shade of green and the pattern. Fran also put in a few other treats that will make their way into my holiday scene. Thanks, Fran!! The "live edge" table is made of solid walnut and the chair is teak with brass. These beauties are by Logan of the blog and Etsy store One Forty Three and I am very happy to have two pieces from his inaugural "micro" collection. Keep 'em coming, Logan! Logan is also participating in the "I'm A Giant" challenge with a geodesic dome house--check it out.

Shall I add snow to the flat roof? I'm leaning toward no, but would love your thoughts on material and technique if you think I should go for some minimal flakes! I'll share my completed holiday house after the article appears. The photographer is coming on Saturday, so I need to get cracking (or crackling???!).

Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; coffee table and chair are by One Forty Three on Etsy; Christmas lights are  necklaces by Carolyn Forsman; rug is from Fran Made Minis; brass decanter is an eBay find; candy canes are AG Minis; white platter is from ELF Miniatures; pillows are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from Michaels.

The time it took me: 10 minutes

Going Dutch

Fun! There is an article about me in the current issue of Poppenhuizen & Miniaturen, and Sylvia of Lotje's Dollhouse was kind enough to send me a scan. Sylvia is actually the feature story on the cover and does amazing work. Thanks again, Sylvia!

Hopefully, the magazine will send me an actual copy, but until then, I have these to share.

In other news, ever see those House Tour features on Apartment Therapy? Well, I thought, they should do a 1:12 feature! And they did! :)

Flickr Up!

The photos from my Design Within Reach event are now posted on Flickr. All the photos were taken by the wonderful Andrea Kane (thanks, Andrea!), and they are fun to look through. You'll see the range of folks who came (like the three lovely ladies above), as well as some eye candy of the Emerson. Mark Green, who designed the furniture for the house, is there as well, and you'll be able to see many shots of the fantastic pieces on his laptop.

Andrea's photos helped to engage the local press, too. A photo collage appeared in the Princeton Packet yesterday:

And a local blogger had a perspective on minis that I had not thought of before; see more on the Artful Blogger.

I heard from Filippa today, who is a stylist for a Danish kids magazine, and she let me know that a little blurb about me appeared on their site and in the magazine. They like my take on the Lundby Stockholm; check it out. You'll see there's a link in the blurb to the great offerings at Minimii, which Megan at Modern Mini Houses wrote about just today! Minis are in the air...

Let me know what you think of the event photos, and thanks for following along on this adventure!