Midcentury Modern Adda-Room Set

The second best thing to owning a gorgeous midcentury modern Adda-Room set is being able to show you pictures of one from its happy new owner!

I saw this amazing set on eBay recently and attempted (and failed) a best offer bid. I had never seen a set like this before:

Photo from eBay listing

Isn't it lovely? I saw that the set went very quickly to a winning bidder, and posted a notice on my blog homepage about it, wondering who might have snapped it up. It's a small world, folks, because follower Gail emailed me that she had successfully won the set after a long search. Would she share some pictures once she received the set? Yes!

Aren't the pieces wonderful?? I had seen mention of Add-a-Room sets in Dian Zillner's books, but they were from the 1940s and 50s. This obviously is squarely in the 1960s.

Anyone know anything? I know I would be very interested, as would Gail. Let me know!

And a big thanks to Gail for sharing!

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