Working with Brio

Don't we all have a holy grail list? I know I do, and it's hard to tell how long it will take to tick off each item. The Kaleidoscope House was on there, and it took over a year to cross that one off. Brio Mobilia pieces are on there too, and I have just happily crossed off one set: the office! It popped up on UK eBay as a regular auction recently, and then disappeared, only to come back as a BIN. There was a bathroom and kitchen set as well, all mint, as well as another office set. I actually tipped off a collector friend on the NIB kitchen set, which was on his holy grail list, and he snapped it up!

The office is a fab set, and I had so much fun working with it in the Villa Sibi. I devoted one side of the house to it and some other furnishings, including my first piece from the very talented Annina (check out her Etsy shop, here). See that lovely tulip-shaped mirror on the wall? Nice, huh? I also got some pillows, but have not used them yet.


I took a bit of a leap on the other side of the house. A while ago, I bought Ryan's Room "Bathroom and Bubbles" furniture that is geared toward the younger set. While a bit clunky, it is well-made and I decided to give it a whirl. Here's what the set looks like:

I've been in a big silver paint and Japanese washi tape phase, so I painted the faucets over and added a bit of tape to the tub. The pieces are a bit big here, I think, but I do like their simplicity.

What's on your wish list? ;)

Credits: Desk set is Brio Mobilia; rug is a Chilewich place mat; Medrazzo stool is Reac; zebra couch is vintage Creative Playthings; wall mirror is by Annina; wall plate is a scrapbook item; black and white mini artwork is from the Paper Source; coffee table is Lil Bratz; apple bowl, wastebasket, and plant are AG Minis; white shelving, globe, and recycling basket are Re-ment; divider is from the Villa Sibi; lucite bench is a vintage drawer pull; artwork is a postcard showing Kristian Vedel's birds from the Architect Made booth at the Gift Fair, edged in washi tape; bath set is Ryan's Room; rug is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; bath mat is a window shade sample from Lowes; cork stool is from JoAnn's Fabric; flower pot is vintage German; artwork in bath is the packaging from an Ajiri Tea Company package (thanks, K!). Accessories are Re-ment, Liv, TOMY, AG Minis, ELF, Delph, Manor House Miniatures, Playmobil, beads, handmade by me, and random eBay finds.

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