We're wired for anything today -- computer, bath, sleeping!

The scene started with the bath, which is actually a very inexpensive bowl from Target. I usually put greenery with my bath scenes, which is funny considering I have never had such a bath, but I guess a lot of what I set up is not true to life :)

The sink is totally makeshift! I used a lovely silver bowl received in a swap with Oese and then fashioned a faucet out of a vase from a Re-ment set. The white consoles and table are vintage VERO and were all purchased in two separate auctions from a German eBay seller for 1Euro each total (shipping was extra of course). Their condition is excellent, and they also came with a duplicate couch that I already have in my collection and seen here.

The Mac on the other side of the room was handmade by Lilushop on Etsy, and is amazing in its attention to detail. It's a bit large, but dominates in a good way! My obsession with the Re-ment My Favorite Stationery set continues with the globe and colored pencil set. They just make me smile.

By the way, I purchased some vintage Marx furniture from the Imagination doll house [fellow blogger Rebecca wrote about it back in March] and the pieces are too small, closer to 1/2 scale. I did use a piece as a "trellis" in the bath, but will likely not use the rest. Anyone interested in swapping? There are 20+ pieces and they are in good condition; some need small repairs. Let me know!

Credits: Bathtub is a bowl from Target; bath platform is from the Villa Sibi; plants are Playmobil City; green trellis is vintage Marx; towel rack, bed coverlet, and lamp are AG Minis; white consoles and white table are vintage VERO; mirror is vintage from eBay; cowhide rug is handmade by Oese; bed and vases are Bozart; artwork is from my VERO house; Mac is by Lilushop; cowhide chairs are Reac; globe, pencil set, and shampoo/conditioner are Re-ment. Accessories are Re-ment, Marimekko, and Manor House Miniatures.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in this scene with some exceptions. The globe and pencil set are from My Favorite Stationery, #7, and are good for 1:12. The shampoo, conditioner, soap on sink, and rubber duck are all from Puchi Drugstore, #1, and are a bit big for 1:12, but workable.