An Aerie, Below

What a weekend of cleaning! I have finally cleared out a corner of our basement for my houses and related possessions. Four homes have been living upstairs and now three have made their home in the new (old) room. The Villa Sibi had to stay upstairs for the time being. I also have a workroom where the VERO and Citadel live (I moved the vintage ranch out), since they are in active rehab.

I started organizing furniture and other items in a large shelving unit that we were using for assorted tools, wires, paint, you name it. Do others store their stuff like this? Usually mine is literally one on top of the other, but I am now trying to sort them so things are easier to find. My tiny items are still in little drawers or in bowls awaiting sorting.

I cleared off a shelf in my workroom for my growing collection of 1:144 and railroad houses, so I feel they are a bit safer than crammed in a box.

As I was clearing out, I made a little scene inspired by the K House roof being absent from the move (by the way, my little, apparently very strong daughter was the one who helped me carry the house on its somewhat perilous journey downstairs - unbelievable!). Wouldn't it be great to have a colorful little patio like this for a nice bite or perhaps to gaze at the stars (or bark at the moon)?!

The small house is actually a discontinued Re-ment item made only for the Japanese market - it is actually a Donut shop (see below), but I saw some minimalist potential!

Credits: Picnic table and chairs, dogs, elephant, light, "rug," small house and furnishings, laptop, and Thai wooden piece and stool by Re-ment; wooden cubes under house by Paris Renfroe; cafe table and chairs by Mighty World; plant below is an aquarium plant; pot is from a craft store; plant on patio is vintage TOMY; accessories are Re-ment and from my kids!

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with some exceptions. The two dogs are from Dogs Enjoy Life, #8, and are a bit small for 1:12, but work. The Thai stool, wooden piece, and elephant are from the Room Series, # 3, and are also on the small side for 1:12, but can work nicely. The house is the Donut Shop, and works as a doll house in 1:12.