Midcentury Modern Bungalow by Haefner & Krullmann

Photograph taken in natural morning light
My newest acquisition is a lovely vintage German Haefner & Krullmann bungalow, which dates from the early 1960s. I first saw this house on the wonderful puppenhausmusem website, here, a few years ago, where the house is said to be from 1964. Blogger and collector diepuppenstubensammlerin has the same house, which she wrote about last June, and she places the house at 1962. You can see pictures and other information at the above links -- please check them out!

This is my first bungalow. I love the simplicity of the layout and midcentury lines, and it is able to be put together and taken apart quite easily. I want to give you a little tour of this gem, which now sits in our living room (it's the only place for it, actually...my basement doll house room cannot take any more occupants until we mount some shelving on the walls).

Putting it together was pretty straightforward, thankfully because the eBay seller (who bought the house last fall in Laupheim, Germany) had carefully wrapped and organized the parts and even provided the screws on an I.D. sheet.

First, the base and flooring...

Then the first half...

And the house! All the flooring is original, as is the lovely antenna and wall of flowers on the patio.

Sadly, the front door is missing as is the patio fence and the partition between the kitchen and what is meant as the bedroom (where's the bathroom???). I think I can fashion a partition with some nice papers, and I may see if Elizabeth, the magician at ELF, can do a new door and fence for me (she did a set of doors for my Large VERO, you can see them here).

There is also some yellowing on one of the outside walls, but I think I might be able to cover those spots with a paint that matches.

A window box also has a few plants missing...perhaps my love of aquarium plants will come into play. :) The kitchen and dining furniture came with the house, and fits well here. I do love the Modella kitchen pieces, with their "stainless" trim. Very cool!

It was fun furnishing the house a bit...

Vintage Bodo Hennig Lamp

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I hope to have more fun with this house -- let's hope my four year old does not feel the same way!

UPDATE, 1/25/11: Thanks (again!) to blogger and collector diepuppenstubensammlerin, I now know that the white floor lamp is by Bodo Hennig, and the red stool in the kitchen is as well. On the lamp, she shared a Bodo Hennig advertisement from 1969 that shows a series of lamps, and it appears mine is an amalgam of the top of one (L11 in photo below), and the bottom of another (see L12)! Diepuppenstubensammlerin noted that since Hennig products were imported to the U.S., and they had different product lines, that there might have been variations such as this. Here is the photo -- thanks again, diepuppenstubensammlerin!!!

ANOTHER UPDATE, 1/27/11: Diepuppenstubensammlerin has also confirmed that the kitchen pieces, including the refrigerator, stove, etc., as well as the table, chairs, and tea set, are all Modella. She shared a picture from her Flickr photostream that shows the boxed set from the Toy Museum of Nürnberg, dated 1970 (LOVE that clock!):


Credits: Kitchen pieces are Modella; chair in living room is Crailsheimer; bookcase, chaise, dining pieces, and patio chairs are vintage German; lamp and kitchen stool are Bodo Hennig; rug is a piece of embossed felt from Michaels. Accessories are Re-ment, Bozart, and eBay finds.