Contemporary Dollhouse by Doll Domiciles

Just because I have absolutely no room for another doll house probably means I should commission a 1:1 scale house instead of a 1:12 one. Unfortunately, this is not practical in the least! On somewhat of a whim, I asked some carpenters to build the Contemporary Dollhouse by Doll Domiciles using an original copy of the plans. (I actually have two copies of the plans -- one bought on eBay after searching for a long while, and one purchased at a dolls house store, found under a pile of dusty plans for $7.50!)

I expected them to laugh me out of their shop, but they were intrigued by the design and offered to take it on at a leisurely pace. The house has been in their shop for over a year now. I know, crazy. They work on it when they can using scraps. So it's totally green project! ;) 

I wanted to share some photos of this wacky house as it is coming along. These first photos show it in the very early stages. I was quite surprised when I saw it because it was closed off on the sides and did not match the plans. Lots was wrong with it. 

That roof trim has no place here, guys

The doors to nowhere...??


I pointed out all the problems and then left them alone for a while. Nothing like a crazed doll house lady and her house ideas!

I visited the house again last weekend and it is now coming along in the right direction.

The roof raises on each side for additional access

Here's the other side!

I want to do different flourishes on the front balcony as in the plans, and of course none of the finishing elements are there yet. I'd love to use actual stone for the bottom portion, too. Certainly a ways to go, but it's been a fun ride so far! I'll be sure to post additional updates and photos when I can. Maybe next time I'll bring some furniture for a test drive.

I'd love to hear your advice, feedback, and comments! Also, please let me know if you have ever seen a completed house, or if you know any more about the plans, the company, etc. I've done lots of web searching and have not turned up much.