I like Your BoConcept

A BoConcept store opened near me, and while tempting to sink some dough into the fine modern furnishings, I decided to part only with a free mini catalogue!

I cannot really say why they did it (other than what seems to be a company play on the very large), but I am not questioning the cute freebie, which is better suited for 1:6, by the way. :)

Animal Eyes

I was looking at this scene through animal eyes. I wanted to use as much animal-related pieces I could dig out of my collection. It was quite a challenge, and of course not all of it fits the bill. But, there is some cow, leopard, zebra, canine, feline, chicken, and egg (!), so perhaps I succeeded a little.

I've been down with a virus this week, and finally got myself some antibiotics for an ear infection, so I am feeling more human and less like a sick...beast. :)

Credits: Cowhide daybed from Paris Renfroe; orange side table is Bodo Hennig; Nelson couch by Reac; coffee table is Ryan's Room; cat picture, furry TV cabinet, rug, and orange trim side table (with phone) are AG Minis; TV is Lundby; dog is from Lucky Puppy Math game; striped lamp and Easter Island head base are Bozart; high cafe table and chairs from Battat; coffee pot, potted grass, chicken phone, and egg tables from Re-ment; Hello Kitty clock is Sanrio; zebra couch is Creative Playthings; antique marble head behind couch is my husband's; Easter Island head is from a desktop set from Barnes & Noble; accessories are AG Minis, Re-ment, Mighty World, and from Paris.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with the exception of the egg tables and chicken phone. Both are from Beans, Egg, and Strawberry #8, and are good for 1:12. The set comes with tiny, tiny stools that are way too small for 1:12, but they could be re-purposed for a table decoration or candle.

Three Rooms, Apart

Perhaps you have done this too -- create a scene (s) as an excuse to try out some new acquisitions. I am guilty of this today. These three rooms -- a tea salon, powder room, and playroom -- really don't totally relate, but I wanted to test out a lot of things. I bought two of the traditional, Deco-like couches for about a dollar on UK eBay, and felt compelled to use one here since stylistically it is not a typical choice for me. The same goes for the large rug and the tea set items.

In the powder room (and on the deck), I was able to use some things from the Mighty World Town Life Cafe set, which I *finally* got a hold of online, through a toy store in Connecticut. I also purchased some Re-ment from PlayscaleMinis to try out a few different pieces from the "Girls in the City" office sets.

Upstairs, I decided to use a 1/16 scale vintage Jean of West Germany playroom set, which goes with the bubbly wallpaper.

Credits: Tea salon: Deco couch, rug, picture above sweets, and side chair are eBay finds; sweets table, white coffee service table and lamp are AG Minis; round table is vintage Petite Princess; pictures above couch are Calico Critters; purse is Re-ment; jacket is from one of my Euro Minis dolls; accessories are Re-ment, Mighty World, and Bozart. Powder Room: Sink is DHE; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; mirror is AG Minis; side table and makeup shelf is Mighty World; small vanity is Re-ment; accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Petite Princess, and Lolly's. Playroom and Deck: Shelf, dresser (really a wardrobe on its side), and rocking horse are vintage Jean of West Germany; table is vintage Lundby; chair is Reac; corner table is Re-ment; light is AG Minis; cafe table and chairs on deck are Mighty World; accessories are Re-ment, Pain d'epices, and eBay.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in these scenes with the exception of the following:Tea Salon: The small cakes on the tiered tray are from Elegant Sweets, #5 "Delicious Artisan Cakes," and are good for 1:12. The tiered tray, tea pot and cup on small table, brown and white cake cup along the back of the long table, the white platters, and the butterfly plates are from the Princess Tea Party set, #8 "The Princess' Favorite," and are all good for 1:12. The chocolate treat in the glass vase, the chocolate top hat cake, the strawberry dome and the white dome on the small table are from the Special Cakes for Me, # 4 "Patisserie Collection," and are good as large, fancy treats in 1:12. The gold purse is from Girls in the City, #4 "Hot Date After Work," and is good as large bag in 1:12. Powder Room: The white mirror and brush, gold and blue perfume bottle with a cross, white scalloped box on bottom shelf, and pink puff in box are from the secret set of Cosmetic, #1 "Princess," and are all good for 1:12. The two square eyeshadow boxes and the lipstick are from Cosmetic, #5 "Actress," and work for 1:12. The blue Tiffany box and purple watch on sink are from Girls in the City, # 4 "Hot Date After Work." The watch is good for 1:12, but the box is too large as a watch box but can be re-purposed. The pink cosmetics bag and hair rollers are from Girls in the City, #5 "Overseas Retreat," and are good for 1:12. Playroom: The yellow school bus is from American Kitchen, #9 "Family Christmas," and is good for 1:12. The red water toy and pink pencil sharpener are from Primary School Stationery, # 8 and # 9, respectively, and are good for 1:12.

Janine Antoni Wears a Dollhouse

Now this I had not seen before. I spied a picture in an ad in Artforum for Janine Antoni's upcoming show at Luhring Augustine:

In case you are intrigued too, this is a metaphor for mothering, according to the artist, where the mother "wears" the house like a skirt, as a way of bearing the family drama. You can read more in the gallery's press release. I have always been a fan of her tactile works made of chocolate and soap, and her body performance pieces too. Now I am a bigger fan! Very clever! Too bad the show is on the west coast.

Photo is from the Luhring Augustine website.

Kids Rule

I felt like using figures today in a scene, and have really been wanting to use the Bodo Hennig kitchen I received in a swap with Oese. I also wanted to use the great mini Sibi handmade by Oese, although I need mini furniture -- for now, it is a very upscale barn!

Kids tend to take over, and that's what's happened here in this home, full of activity. I wonder if kids know how lucky they are...???!

Credits: All figures, wooden sculpture, green pillows, and dollhouse counter are Bozart; dog is from a game called Lucky Puppy Math; refrigerator, stove, sink and cabinet are Bodo Hennig; chop block is an eBay find; couch, small tripod stools and table, and funky purple flower vase are AG Minis; couch coverlet is from Lolly's; side table is Lil' Bratz; dishwasher is Theo Klein; kitchen table is vintage German; chairs are Reac; vase in fireplace is vintage Fiestaware; mini Sibi is by Oese; other house is a vintage eBay find; blocks are from DRAP; R2D2 is from my kids' Star Wars Lego set; skateboard is from Tech Decks; round "rug" is a coaster; dartboard is from Pain d'epices. Accessories are vintage Topper Toys (Penny Brite), Bozart, Lolly's, Pain d'epices, Manor House Miniatures, Re-ment, and from my kids' collections!

Re-ment: I have written about all the Re-ment in this scene with the exception of the loaf of bread on the chop block. It is from the Re-ment Bakery set #7 and is a bit large, but good for 1:12.

Not-So-Green Thumb

I'm pretty under the radar about my mini life at work, but I have shared my hobby with a few close colleagues. One of them passed along a glass box to me, initially thinking my daughter would have some fun with it. But, I saw some potential and confided to her that I would likely try to work with it as some sort of greenhouse.

I did go through with this scene, but realized that the box is a bit too shallow (warranting 1:16 or smaller furniture) and challenging to photograph. I gave it a try, though, and even took it outside in between rain storms--it has been endless rain on the east coast--and got bitten alive by some hungry mosquitoes.

Overall, not a great experience, but I put some Saturday afternoon time into it, so here it goes. I'm crabby today.

Credits: Plant box is a console by Paris Renfroe; plants are aquarium plants from a rummage sale; "birdbath" is Bozart; bench and radio are from the Mighty World "Hanging Out" set; white table is vintage Jean of West Germany; Asian shelf and watering can table is Re-ment; watering can, shears, small hoe, and sunflowers are from Pain d'epices; gardening caddy is vintage TOMY; sailboats from DRAP. Accessories (including potted plants and vases) are: Re-ment; Pain d'epices; Bozart; Michael's; Manor House Miniatures.

Re-ment: The Asian shelving unit and watering can table are from the Megahouse My Room set #5, and is better sized for 1:16 or 1:18. The green potted plant to the right of the console is from the My Cats set, #7 "Fujita's Potty Cat." It is fine for 1:12, but the rest of the set is huge, better for 1:6. The white pig vase is from the Oriental Season "Summer" set and is good for 1:12 as a household object. The cigarette holders (masquerading as vases) are from the Megahouse My Room set #2 and are a bit small for 1:12; better for 1:16, but usable.

Off Limits

This is an "off limits" space -- it is where one can go to bathe and just...be. I wanted to do a bath scene, since I got the "bath tub," which is actually a condiment dish, for .25 at the Crate & Barrel outlet near me. It worked pretty well, I think, but I had to figure out how to situate it with the Villa Sibi bath partition.

This title is also apropos because some little hands were playing with the bath tablets and also messed with other things while I was out earlier. So, if there are elements that look a bit different, it was influenced by a 9 year old girl's (secret) taste. :)

Credits: Sink and vintage mirror are separate UK eBay finds; pouf and metal side table are AG Minis; toilet and green towel are IKEA; toilet paper holder is vintage Lundby; Asian light fixture, towel basket, bath tablets, makeup, shoes, and perfume are Re-ment; bath platform with partition is from the Villa Sibi; "bath" is a condiment dish from Crate & Barrel outlet; towel rolls near bath are Lundby; "towels" by sink are tissues rolled up; vases and tea set are MAR Toys; plants are Lolly's and from a rummage sale.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in this scene with the exception of the bath tablets and box. They are from a secret set of the Cosmetics "Actress" set, #5, and it is good for 1:12 as a large bath item.

Old Memories Anew

My grandmother was awesome. She was my buddy growing up. I would often come for sleepovers to her apartment in Brooklyn, NY, where she lived with her sister, my great Aunt. We ate in front of the TV, sat around the table drinking tea, and they gave me all sorts of snacks. It was all about fun hanging out time with the ladies, and there are days when I really want to go to Grandma's house. Like today.

This reminds me of their apartment. Kind of cluttered, but usually pretty tidy. I recall my grandmother washing PAPER plates for reuse (she was hip even then!). She was a young woman during the Great Depression, and often said nothing was wasted. One of my favorite things to do with her was look through all of her costume jewelry, which she methodically arranged and stored between tissue paper in drawers. Some of it was opulent, some understated, always interesting, and I always saw something new.

Speaking of new, I have not yet gotten around to showing off my new Bodo Hennig kitchen from Oese, delivered last weekend in our first swap! It is a beauty and I hope to use it soon, once I clear out the dollhouse clutter around my house. Sweet Oese also put in an amazing extra -- my very own mini Sibi!!! It is fabulous. Now I just need furniture...

Credits: Oven and dish rack and its contents are vintage Topper Toys; floor lamp, side table lamp, retro metal couch, pouf, TV table, and rug are AG Minis; wooden side table is Concord Miniatures; vintage pink couch, lucite chairs, and chop block are eBay finds; sink and TV unit are vintage German; toaster and bread is Re-ment; plant is vintage TOMY; table is Wolverine; accessories are Re-ment, Bozart, MAR toys, DRAP, and Pain d'epices.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene, with the exception of the red chair next to the mini Sibi and the green TV tray and milk glass. The chair is from the American Kitchen set #5, "School Lunch," and it works for 1:12, if not a little on the small side. The tray and glass are from the Primary School Stationery set # 5 and # 8, respectively. Both work for 1:12.

Birth of a Re-ment Wiki

I have been tracking Re-ment in my blog, noting if pieces are good for 1:12 and wishing for a quick and easy resource to know what sets to buy. I wrote about creating a community database and got some great feedback from folks in the mini community. Studioseven recommended a wiki, and she's spot on, I think.

So, I have created a wiki! It is http://mini-sizer.wikispaces.com/ and it is definitely in its infancy. I just started adding some of my items from past postings and would love others to give their own contributions. I eventually would like to add a page of resource links and I am sure other things will evolve.

Check it out, let me know what you think. I started a basic visual format, but that might change. I was trying to keep things simple and within my (limited) realm of technical skills.

On a somewhat related note, I just got in the mail some awesome modern wallpaper from the UK. I am stockpiling some for the Citadel, which I am in the process of restoring. I want some for my real house!

Behind the (Art) Scenes

Back in the early 1990s in New York City, I worked in an art gallery when I was in grad school going toward my masters degree in art history. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do -- be a dealer; be a curator; be gainfully unemployed (hee hee). While that experience taught me that I did not want to dabble in the commercial aspect of art, it also opened up my eyes to the inner workings of the art world, good and bad.

The folks I worked with were actually all pretty nice, and I got to handle artwork and do research for shows. But, there were the grungy aspects too -- on demand espressos or lunch for the gallery owner and the frosty receptionist, doing research at the library and coming back with stacks of books, working in cramped quarters, etc. Yet, at twenty-something, you take it in stride, and I still had enough energy to go out after work to debrief with my friends over drinks.

This scene is inspired by one of the back rooms at the gallery, which was part office and part kitchen. There was always some setup for catering to a VIP -- I can recall serving coffee or water many times -- and it was also a place for random pieces of art, which often were lying around or propped up on shelves.

This represents one of the first times I have worked with traditional dolls...my scenes are usually lifeless! :) I bought them in France at Pain D'epices in the bargain basket (less than $8 each). The dame behind the desk is likely the gallery owner who is peeved at something she sees on her laptop; the young lady breathlessly striding in the door carries some books for research. She is keeping her distance to avoid the fire breathing from across the table :)

Credits: Dolls from Pain D'epices; boomerang table is vintage German; gallery owner's chair is Creative Playthings; table lamp, stool, white coffee cups, and colored vases on top shelf are Bozart; small metal side table, funky purple vase, cat and op-art painting, and garbage pail are AG Minis; plant is from Lolly's; console is Paris Renfroe; espresso machine, red clock, and plant stand are Re-ment; microwave is Theo Klein; dishes are from a vintage Topper Toys set (Penny Brite); clear plastic "light" under shelf is actually a vintage Petite Princess table flipped upside down. Accessories are Re-ment and finds from France!

Re-ment: I've written on all the Re-ment in this scene with the exception of the red case next to the laptop. It is from the
Stationary School set #7, and is good for 1:12 as a clutch or case.


I love the nifty pool-in-a-drawer in the Lundby Stockholm, but have not yet used it in a scene. I recently got a lounge chair so thought I'd give it a whirl. How nice it would be to have quick access to a cool dip and then be able to saunter over for a cup of coffee and a treat in the adjacent sitting area!

Credits: Lounge chair is an eBay find; side table is Petite Princess; boat is from Drap; potted plant, toaster, dress form, and cups and saucers are from Pain D'epices; bookshelf unit and lamp are vintage German; chairs are Reac; table is a marble candle base from TJ Maxx; table sits on a table from the Villa Sibi; kitchen island is also from the Villa Sibi; coffee maker and blender are Lil' Bratz; garbage pail is from Manor House Miniatures; Fallingwater postcard from the Fallingwater gift shop; "wallpaper" behind kitchen island is origami paper; plant outside window is from a rummage sale; bathtub and sink are vintage Lundby; accessories are AG Minis, Ryan's Room, Bozart, Pain D'epices, Manor House Miniatures, Lil Bratz, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The chocolate dessert on the table is from Special Cakes for Me, #4. It is fine for 1:12 as a large, fancy treat!

Crowded House

Anyone else feel this way? I don't know about you, but it's like a Russian matreshka nesting doll in here -- our house, dollhouses, dollhouses within the dollhouses. I don't like to mention the state of things, and when my DH says, "You know, it would be great to have our living room back..." I smile and back out of whatever room we happen to be in at that moment.

I got some of these 1/144 scale houses from eBay -- two are from vintage kits -- and the other white was purchased in Barcelona. These are pretty traditional -- wouldn't it be great to find modernist mini houses more easily??? I've seen a few homemade ones that look great (right, Oese?), and Mini Modern has a Fallingwater one that is pretty awesome, but it's definitely not the norm.

On another note, I was quite pleased to receive some assorted AG Minis items from eBay. The bed is pretty cool -- sleek and metal. The coat hooks and magazine holder have come in handy! The new wooden asymmetrical side table is Concord Miniatures, and quite neat. Also, I like my new Tech Decks, found on sale at Target!

Credits: Vintage 1/144 houses from eBay; white 1/144 house from Drap; bed, coat hook, floor lamp, and magazine rack are AG Minis; mini dresser at foot of bed is a vintage eBay find; little toy cat is from the store at the Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona; little toy light is Re-ment; skateboards are Tech Decks; side table is Concord Miniatures; bedside lamp is vintage German; plant is from a rummage sale; retro chair with yellow cushion is vintage Petite Princess; tables for 1/144 houses are from the Villa Sibi; chair under white house, artwork, and glass coffee table are Bozart; Barcelona Chair is Reac; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; accessories from AG Minis, dollhouse store in Paris, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The sewing kit on the glass coffee table is from the Primary School Stationary set #10 and is good for 1:12. I bought the travel coffee mug and little toy light a la carte from Playscaleminis.com, so I am not sure which sets they come from -- I'll keep checking. In any case, the coffee mug is too large for 1:12, much better for 1:6, and the light is intended as a mini, so it's sized more for 1:24.

UPDATE, 7/29/09: The travel coffee mug is from the Fun Meals # 7 set, Morning Grab N' Go. Still searching for the toy light.

UPDATE, 8/9/09: The toy light is from the Beauty Storage set, #10, Display Shelf.

Home Cookin'

We have come back from our European vacation -- what an adventure. Three kids, one under the age of three. Very interesting! We had a great time, phenomenal weather, saw friends, went to a lovely wedding. And, I made it to a few mini stores! I could only get to one in Barcelona, Drap. The other two were in France. Once was snooty and not worth it, while the other was heaven -- PainD'epices (thanks, Pubdoll!). I went through my monthly mini budget there and bought some nice things and had a great time doing it. I also went to Musee de la Poupee, but their store was closed. The exhibit was 50 years of Barbie; some neat 60s and 70s clothing and accessories there.

This scene was inspired by how nice it is to take a trip, but how much nicer it is to come back home! The kitchen table and cooking unit are vintage Fairline and I love the 70s punch of color.

I recently received some a la carte Re-ment items from Playscale Minis, which is a good resource if you are looking for parts of sets, reasonably priced. I also used some of my European mini finds in the scene, like the potted tulips and sailboat, which are very well made.

In addition to all the cheese and bread we ingested on our trip, lots of delicious coffee was had as well!!

Credits: Table, chairs and cooking unit are vintage Fairline; dishwasher and microwave are Miele; counter and yellow vase are Bozart; espresso maker, toaster, tray, yellow "rug," and blender are Re-ment; white TV stools and TV table are Lundby; TV is from Pain D'epices; orange kitchen shelving is IKEA; plant is vintage TOMY; accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, Bozart, Drap, Pain D'epices, and Lolly's.

Re-ment: Blender is from the Puchi Petite Mini Sweets set, #8. It is way too large for 1:12, much better for 1:6. The espresso maker and cups (#2), flowered tray (#3), and toaster, peanut butter, and slice of bread (#6) are all from the Kawaii Kitchen set. The tray is fine for 1:12. The espresso maker is a bit too large for 1:12, but the cups are fine for 1:12. The toaster and peanut butter are also better for 1:6, but the toast is great. The "rug" in front of the sink is actually a table mat from the Tea Time #11 American Kitchen set, and is good for 1:12. The knife by the sink, soy sauce in the cabinet, and polka dot tray on the bottom shelf are all from the Is Dinner Ready? set, #6. All good for 1:12.

Surf's Up

The wallpaper of this room in the Lundby Stockholm inspires fun, so I created a sporty teenage girl's room, complete with shoes, makeup and a chill spot for watching TV. She also has a deck conveniently adjacent for cool chats with her friends - lucky girl! An art set is nearby if she feels inspired. I added a Pop Art headboard of a 1961 Roy Lichtenstein painting (courtesy of a postcard) to lull her to dreams.

Surf's up for me, too. In a few days, I am traveling overseas with my husband and kids for a dear friend's wedding in Spain, and then we are going to France. I don't know if I will be able to post while I am gone (certainly no scenes!), but I hope to make my way to mini places of interest.

Credits: Bed is from the Villa Sibi; coverlet is Bozart; pillow is IKEA; side table is Lundby; gold chair, bedside lamp, surfboard, art case, shoes, deck coffee table, and purse are Lil Bratz; "wastebasket" is Re-ment; shelving unit is two small Bodo Hennig chairs stacked on top of each other; TV is a UK eBay find; chairs on deck are all Reac Japan; accessories by Re-ment, Lil Bratz, Manor House Miniatures, and AG Minis.

Re-ment: The lava lamp is from the Megahouse Living Room #4 set and is good for 1:12; the wastebasket is actually a food container from the Tea Time #11 American Kitchen set and is best for 1:6, unless you are re-purposing it like I did. The white perfume bottle is actually a secret set from the Cosmetics "Princess" set that I luckily purchased from our local toy store. It is a bit on the large side for 1:12, but works. The spritz perfume bottle and powder box hiding on the top shelf of the unit are from the "Oriental Season" Winter set and are good for 1:12. The art markers are from the Primary School Stationary set #8, and are good for 1:12.

Sleep Tease

This scene is mocking me...sleep is not really a big part of my life. It should be, and the dark circles under my eyes tell me I should get more sleep, like I did 10 years ago before I had kids. Oh, I used to sleep solidly; nothing would wake me up. Now I could hear a pin drop and its echo.

I liked the idea of making the K House great room into a bedroom. Pretty luxurious amount of space for a bedroom, eh?

Some artwork up high...

A reading "nook"

I also did very quick setups in adjoining rooms. Not sure if this one room was meant for a garage, but what the heck.

A little office off the bedroom...

This weekend kept me busy with the usual, but I also took some time to continue stripping wallpaper in the Citadel. My goal is to strip everything down to the original white walls and paint. I did one door a few months ago and it was pretty quick and painless. The other door and interior walls are NOT easy in the least. It's slow, torturous work. The previous owner put a layer of (ugly) wallpaper and then painted it (ugly), so there's a lot to come off and it comes off in tiny strips. Grrrr...Here's a few pics of what I was able to do this weekend.

I had to take the door off to get complete access to the challenge:

Credits: "Headboard," light, and coverlet are AG Minis; "bed" is a marble candle base from TJ Maxx; bed pillows are Lundby; bedside tables and artwork in balcony are Bozart; flooring under bed is from the nice Japanese film crew; zebra couch is Creative Playthings; coffee table is Ryan's Room; chess set is an eBay find; Corbusier love seat, Eames chair and ottoman, and white office chair are Reac; "rug" is origami paper; storage cubes are Re-ment; red desk is vintage eBay find; lamp is vintage German; console is Paris Renfroe; recycling basket is Re-ment; rug is The House That Jacq Built; plant is from Lolly's; car is Lil' Bratz. Accessories are Bozart, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The plate in fireplace and vase in storage cubes are from the Megahouse Japanese Room set and the storage cubes and two small magazines on side table are from the Megahouse Scandinavian Room set. All items are closer to 1:18, but workable for 1:12. The red clock is from the Stationary School Set #9 and is perfect for 1:12. The wire basket is from the Bread & Butter #3 Happy Bagel Basket Set, and is a bit large for 1:12, depending how you use it.


Growing up, I always loved sneaking up to my sisters' bedroom way up in the attic while they were out at school or with their friends. Eight and seven years older than me, they had lots of interesting things for me to check out: clothing, hair accessories, pocketbooks, and perfume. Diaries. Books. Letters. I could spend hours up there.

One sister, the eldest, is the impulsive dreamer with a funky side who always dated musicians; the other is type A, prim, and punctual, who always liked to match her clothing. I recently got two tea service-related sets and thought it might be fun to use the Villa Sibi to recreate their attic space (with many liberties, of course). By the way, doing this scene made me think of *annina*, one of the more amazing mini artists and photographers out there in my opinion. In addition to creating her own 1:12 furniture, she crafts scenes that are truly stunning. Her Flickr shots show her gifts -- pots and pans, clothing, books, etc., set in unbelievably realistic living environments. I wish I had a fraction of her talents, because I would have tried to re-create sister #1's tendency to leave her clothes strewn around, but alas, my mini world tends to be an orderly departure from the real world:)

I should mention that my sisters fought on occasion, being 15 months apart -- the bookcase, while used by both, and is a kind of dividing line.

Can you guess who is who?

Credits: beds, watermelon rug, modern tea set and small white table are by Bozart; wood bedside table is from the Villa Sibi; pink coverlet is from by Lolly's; bookshelf is IKEA; round yellow table and orange chairs are Wolverine; radio, light fixture, cat artwork, and whirligig are AG Minis; wooden couch is an eBay find; white bedside table is vintage Lundby; lucite table is Petite Princess; pink tea set and dollhouse are Re-ment; accessories by Re-ment, AG Minis, and Bozart.

Re-ment: The pink tea set is Princess Tea Party #1 and is a bit large for 1:12, but the storage dollhouse is good for 1:12. The blue bear on the bookshelf is from Toy Storage #7, and is large for 1:12, unless you use it as an over sized teddy bear. The pink phone and clock are from the Megahouse Living room #1 set, and are good for 1:12. The piggy bank on the top shelf of the bookcase is from the Primary School Stationary set #9, and it is perfect for 1:12. The pink purse is also from that same set, #6, and it's perfect for 1:12 as well.

Beauty Nook

Part of my job is to oversee any filming that takes place where I work. A wonderful, courteous (crews are not always like this) Japanese film crew came last week, and gave me a few small gifts, as is their custom. One of the gifts was one of the nicest mouse pads I have ever seen -- lacquered and lovely. The mouse pad came in a great decorative paper case, which I have cut up and used as the wallpaper here for this scene.

By the way, when I was taking the crew around, I had to *really* resist the temptation to ask them about Re-ment, because then I would risk exposing my obsession -- down comes the professionalism and out comes...an addict.

The wallpaper then led me to turn this into a nook for beauty (and beauty rest, of course) in the K House. Again, I continue to be amazed by the opportunities for contrast and color in this house, especially in natural light. I had to turn the house around to get these shots, but it's worth the effort.

I am attempting to better track Re-ment for 1:12 in preparation for the sizing resource I am developing, so I am starting to include more precise information on what I have used in my posts, under "Re-ment."

Credits: Cowhide daybed from Paris Renfroe; sink is an eBay find; vases, chair and artwork are Bozart; towel rolls under sink are Lundby; laptop is Elf Miniatures; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; accessories are Re-ment, our local toy store, and AG Minis.

Re-ment: The mirrored vanity is from the "Oriental Season" Winter set and the shoes from the Summer set. Both are closer to 1:6, but usable. Most of the makeup items and the black case are from the Cosmetics "Actress" set. The makeup items are good for 1:12, but the makeup case is closer to 1:6. I also used parts from two Megahouse Room sets: Japanese and "Scandinavian." The red Scandinavian chair is best for 1:16 and the Japanese Room light and vase on the floor are also closer to 1:18 or even 1:24, but both are doable for 1:12 as small accents.

Bagel Buffet

We're big on bagels in my house, and miss delicious NYC bagels since moving down to NJ. It's been six years, but we still pine over the nine-grain and everything from Ess-a-Bagel, our carb purveyor of choice. The Re-ment set featured here reminded me of the size of Ess-a-Bagel bagels, which are pretty gigantic. It also makes me think about the "break-fast" after Yom Kippur, when we get together with friends, line up for bagels, top them with just about everything and down the yumminess with coffee. :)

This also got me thinking (again) about how the size of Re-ment pieces varies from set to set -- they are mostly suited to 1:6 (Barbie), but I have found lots of pieces in sets that work in 1:12. But wouldn't it be nice to know the 1:12 possibilities before buying? I'm all for trial and error, and it's how I learned to do most things, but I wish it were easier.

Which leads me to...an idea. Wouldn't it be nice to have a database of information with input from mini aficionados who have bought Re-ment and tested the items and can share what works for different sizes beyond 1:6? I know there are fan clubs and discussion groups out there and some information exists, but not a comprehensive "sizer" that I have found that can help inform your decision to commit funds (likely including shipping from eBay sellers).

So, in the case of the bagel set, I'd recommend that the cream cheese, bagels (Ess-a-Bagel sized, though), corning ware dish, and salt and pepper are good for 1:12, but the canisters are way too large (check out how one measures up against the refrigerator).

My husband is in technology and can help design a database with a range of fields and ways to input information (and pics), so I may work with him to add a gadget to my page and encourage contributions from the mini community. If you know of a source that already exists -- let me know and I'll abandon my idea. Otherwise, it's to the virtual drawing board and perhaps something useful will result!

Credits: Kitchen island is Bozart; chairs are Reac Japan; accessories are Re-ment and Lil' Bratz.

From Germany with Love (via US eBay)

I received a set of vintage German nursery room furniture from eBay ($9.99), and it's pretty great. The nice wooden pieces are soft, smooth, and painted a fantastic orange. I even love how everything was packaged!

I set up a quick scene in the Stockholm using a vintage fixture that happened to be the same orange hue. I like the way it contrasted with the green of the walls. Apologies in advance for the picture quality -- I shoot late at night or early in the morning and it's not ideal.

Credits: Green chair by Reac Japan; rug and clock by Re-ment; small table by Lil Bratz; fixture is vintage find from eBay; cow art is from my son's Thomas the Tank Engine set; outdoor plant from a rummage sale; accessories by Re-ment, AG Minis, IKEA, Calico Critters, our local toy store, and eBay.

Serene Scene

I now have my used Kaleidoscope House after a small journey north. After the Citadel trip, my kids have acclimated to my hobby and no longer think it is weird to show up at strangers' houses and pick up a house that rides home in the back of our minivan.  This trip also featured TWO houses, because a fellow Mom was giving away a house she gave up on renovating.  It's a center hall colonial, and my daughter is thrilled to have it to fix up (needs new wallpaper, flooring, and paint).

So, the K house has landed in our living room.  Not too many other options, so I cleared off a low cabinet by the window.  I love the fact that it is near the window for the light and vistas to the outside, but it's not ideal because a) within kid reach b) in direct sunlight, so will have to close drapes everyday c) in a spot where I can't do anything 360 degrees, so I will have to turn it to access the other side.  But, it's mine and I am thrilled.

The condition of the house is really good overall, but it does have some dings, like crayon or other markings on some of the plexi panels and on the great room floor.  All of the plexi is there, and some accessories were included, some of which I already have like the artwork in set #1, some family figures, and dining room chairs. But, I got some new stuff like the large green couch and pink chair, as well as the glass coffee table and toilet and sink.  I actually found some stuff wedged in the fireplace (Mom's arm, rug, artwork), so I had to take it off and then put it back.

I set up a scene in the great room today and it was fun to work differently.  I took off the top and worked from above, and also took some panels off for access and ease with photography.  I love the light and colors in this house -- it makes everything look so real.  

The guy I bought it from (off Craigslist, $450) said he received it as a gift in 2001 from his in-laws.  At the time, he thought it was a cool but odd gift, since this was before he had kids, when he and his wife were in a tiny apartment in NYC.  He kept it until he had kids (2 boys), both of whom used it for their action figures. He said he met architect Peter Wheelwright a few years ago, who told him that a lot of the houses had roofs that were not perfectly flush (I've read about this before), but some ended up settling into place on their own, like this one. 

The possibilities seem pretty endless with this house...where to begin?!

Credits: Couch, coffee table and kitchen by Bozart; orange chair, two white dining chairs, and ottoman on balcony by Reac; boomerang table is vintage German; console and wenge stools by Paris Renfroe; rug by AG Minis; rocking chair is an eBay find; plant on balcony is from Lolly's; plant behind couch is from a rummage sale; antique heads from my husband's collection; TV and abstract painting are Lundby; deco light in fireplace from Dolls House Emporium; accessories by Re-ment, Lil Bratz, Manor House Miniatures, Lolly's, and eBay.