VERO Door and More

After some more vacuuming in and around the VERO house, I came to the front door. It was obviously covered with the same faux wood grain paper as the top rooms, and badly applied at that. Pulling off the sticky paper, I saw the real door emerge...

There is an opening in the middle that was likely covered in acetate or similar material to simulate glass. I assume the door is original -- it resembles the one on the Gottschalk house that I referenced when I originally bought my house.

For the most part, the door is in good condition, but there are stubborn spots of sticky glue on the front and back -- perhaps something decorative used to be applied there? I am not sure how I am going to get it off. I love the door handle, very typical of these houses.

I repaired the window frame to the left of the front door and placed it back. At some point, I may put acetate in there and perhaps put a window box underneath it. It looks like one used to be there.

It also appears as if a terrace or larger window frame was on the top -- not sure if I would do anything on that, not knowing what was really there.

In other news on my house, Annina kindly sent me some high resolution scans of her VERO house wallpapers. Now I need to find the right paper on which to print them. Her papers are lovely:

I may try to scan a good swath of my wallpaper, below. It somewhat resembles the paper in the top left room of this Gottschalk house, although I cannot tell for sure:

Speaking of paper, I quickly played around with some new scrapbook paper and created a corner nursery in the upstairs room. I bought some materials from Blick Art Supplies and set to work with my cutting knife to trim to the right sizes.

I also was able to purchase sheets of an acetate alternative for potential repair of the wall of windows -- that is for another day!!

Gottschalk house photos courtesy of Puppenhausmuseum website.

Credits: Crib is vintage Bodo Hennig; rocking horse and wardrobe are vintage German; rug and whirlygig in corner are AG Minis; table is vintage Lundby; chair is Reac; fabric in back is by Marimekko; accessories are Re-ment, Marx, Lolly's, Nodameggakki, and MAR Toys.