It's been a crazy few days with Hurricane Sandy here on the east coast, and my home state of New Jersey got hit pretty hard. We consider ourselves very lucky, because we only had a downed tree (and many lost branches), and lost power for a day. Many are still without power, and the temperatures are now going down, so folks are scrambling to stay warm, fed, and entertained.

All schools have been closed this week (and my work is as well), so it has been an unusual time at home -- the kids have been helping to clean up the leaves and stay civil with each other, but when there is this much idle time, fights and other unappealing sibling behavior is bound to happen.

Of course, Halloween is today, and while NJ Governor Christie has officially postponed it until Monday (!), we plan to carve a pumpkin and do some baking. Here's a little scene that I brewed up, too...enigmatic and creepy. My Artply Higland is an ideal environment for such a scene, with its plentiful broken plexi, dust, and cobwebs. No cleaning was done in this room, to ensure it was a moody as possible!


See the curtains? I cut two swaths from a Chilewich place mat and hung them with a metal crafting sticker that looks like a curtain rod.

They work quite well!

The hanging lantern is also a crafting find from Jolee's Boutique-- fun!

I also wanted to share a few new items I found that might come in handy for your doll houses: LED-lit trees by Philips, purchased for $5.99 each from Target (I might get rid of the large star topper), and "Tangle" finials from west elm, on clearance for $6.99 per box (these could work as industrial light fixtures with a little Deco tape wrapping -- still experimenting).

I also picked up some minimal white napkin holders, also on clearance from west elm ($1.99/each), which show some promise for modern shelving.

I also have my eye on a lantern ornament from Pottery Barn (at left, without the monogramming!) that could have a second life as an outdoor fireplace. Speaking of ornaments, each year, Hallmark comes out with new Keepsake Ornaments...I haven't fully checked them out, but it's worth a look at those too. Make sure you check the dimensions before you buy, and let me know if you find any good ones!

A last tip: refrigerator magnets from Acme International. I bought up a few this week, including a cappuccino maker and wine rack, a copy machine, and an arcade-style video game. Worth a look!

Photo courtesy of Acme International
Photo courtesy of Acme International

Hope your Halloween is still happening, and you get lots of candy!

A quick update on the Call of the Small/Cubebot Challenge: the first entry is in: Nick James of the UK shows his Micro Cubebot wreaking havoc in his daughter's dollhouse! Naughty bot! Hope you are working on yours, too! Submit your entries (No more than five images, ideally 1 MB or under each), to minibotchallenge(at)gmail(dot) com for your chance to win $200 from AREAWARE. Full contest details are here.

Credits: Table is ELF Miniatures; male doll is Jasper from Twilight, and I got him at a $5 store; the female doll is from DHE; chairs are eBay finds; trees are from; table runner is from the Paper Source. Accessories are lots of Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, and eBay finds.

The time it took me: 1 hour, 53 minutes, over three days 


The Villa Sibi is the first house I purchased (or rather, it was purchased for me as a gift), and it has a place of honor in our living room. The rest of my houses reside a floor below. It's actually more of a place of necessity, since the Sibi is quite large and could not fit elsewhere. Sometimes the house becomes a dumping ground for minis, which is not good for a variety of reasons. And sometimes, the people around me get a bit fed up with its appearance.

So...the perfect excuse to whip up a quick scene with a few new things! You will see that a few of these pictures feature a ceiling light -- it is actually a battery powered "flameless" tea light that I picked up at West Elm this weekend, along with the porcelain origami squirrel ornament. The squirrel's a bit odd, I know, but I think its lines are pure and beautiful. He inspired me to go (almost) all white. Scurry over to West Elm if you have one near you -- lots of interesting things for 1:1 and 1:12!

Credits: Shelving is Re-ment; squirrel and tea light are from West Elm; couch and pillows are AG Minis; luscious white rug is hand knitted by The Shopping Sherpa; coffee tables and chairs are Bozart; TV is by LiLu Shop on Etsy; wall divider is from the Villa Sibi; lattice wall covering is a Chilewich placemat; toilet is IKEA; "hot tub" is a soap dish; wine rack is actually the base of the coffee table from the Kaleidoscope House Living Room set. Accessories are Bozart, Michaels, Manor House Miniatures, Playmobil, Re-ment, Mighty World, and random dolls house store finds.