Birth of a Blog

I've always felt the call of the small -- miniatures and anything large-scale brought small.  My first dollhouse arrived at five, and others followed.  Houses were then replaced by display cases to organize items and create little tableau. Things were eventually packed in boxes and stored away when I headed to college.

When the Kaleidoscope dollhouse arrived on the scene, I was expecting my first child and dreaming of rationales for purchasing it at $200.  I wish I had! My daughter gravitated to Polly Pockets, which while VERY small, did not hold great appeal.  Plus, they instantly got lost and were the source of anxiety should shoes and handbags be swallowed.

My two sons followed and are suitably obsessed with trains -- small, but just not the same.

Then, this past Christmas, my dear husband purchased a Villa Sibi for me -- what a surprise:

I actually found it on Craigslist for $300, but fretted over being indulgent in purchasing such an item.  I think DH knew it was a shoo-in and it stands now as the best present ever.  I've started to buy furnishings online (the white Kaleidoscope living room set is in the photos above), and also have been keeping track of the amazing array of modernist miniatures out there.  

I've only just begun, and hope to keep up with this blog.  Three kids and a full-time job may prevent frequency of posts, but I'm sure I'll be inspired to say something.