There's an "I" in IKEA for a reason

Went to IKEA today. Haven't been in at least 4 years. While intrigued by the minimalist aesthetic and mostly cheap prices, I cannot quite deal with the endless, circuitous pathways and smell of Swedish cinnabuns with small folk, i.e, my three kids. I have discovered this: next time I shall go ALONE. As much as I love my family, the majority are under the age of nine and not quite cool with the whole shopping thing with endless choices, nor the (abandoned) 1/2 hour wait time to get into the playroom.

In addition of a short list of items to buy -- sconces for the new sitting area we devised in our family room (with existing furniture! no need for impulse buys!), a kitchen pendant fixture and window treatments -- I had a *secret* agenda: some small storage units for my minis. If I had more clear-headed time, I probably would have spent more time looking for an actual unit, so I decided to start small and buy quickly. I purchased two different FIRA storage boxes -- one with three long drawers and the other with tiny compartments. Now I just have to put them together...

By the way, our new sitting area in the family room is showcasing two "Pratfall" chairs by Philippe Starck we got at Housing Works in NYC back in 2001 or so (the Deco table was my grandmother's):

Would LOVE to find these chairs as minis!!!