There are a few sources of warmth in this scene. It's a cozy little space, thanks to the CB2 Neville House's proportions. 1:16 or smaller fits best here. I've made use of a Playmobil living room set, which is scaled at 1:18. It is manufactured looking like this:
I had to spray paint something a flat black for a book cover job (yes, I got another one!), so I decided to spray over some of the pieces in this set, specifically, the wood stove, couch, and chair (I left the orange cushions and the cat was black already):

How about the warm glow given off by that fabulous column light by the amazing Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures??? She is a genius with minis and a warm person, to boot. Thank you again, Pepper dear!

See the fur teacup on the wall? As an art history major, Meret Oppenheim's creation from 1936 is one of the iconic pieces you learn about in discussion about Surrealism. Fabulous, no?

Of course, a warm pair of boots doesn't hurt!

Happy New Year to all! Stay warm...!

Credits: Couch, chair, wood stove, and cat are all Playmobil; rug is cut felt from Michaels; coffee table is a salt bowl from bodum; light is by Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures; wall shelf is Miner. Accessories are Michaels, The Shopping Sherpa, and Manor House Miniatures. 

The time it took me: 47 minutes


Whenever I get sidetracked -- by life, work, the dog, my birthday, kid mishaps, you name it -- sometimes my blog suffers and I am not able to regularly post. The past few weeks have been filled with such events, and I have missed sharing my minis with you. Last night I finally was able to steal a few minutes to put together a little scene with a jewel of a table -- a lovely kitchen round from the 1960s by Petite Princess. I have used the table before, but not in the petite Neville House from CB2.

Working in the house is a bit comical, because I need to fit the furniture in through the side and then squeeze my hands through to try to manipulate everything into place. It's much funnier afterward, believe me...objects tip over and get out of place, and sticking things on the walls is a feat in itself. But, it's worth it at the end; this little house is really a jewel box. And it is still available at CB2, on sale for $49.95.

In the midst of getting sidetracked, I cracked 600 followers on my blog!!! I cannot believe that I started out with just one back in 2009. It means a great deal to me to have your enthusiasm and support. THANK YOU!

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com
For my birthday, I received a little jewel of a book that I have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time: Yvette Wadsted's Scandinavian Design in the Doll's House. I have just started to dig into it, and it is a real joy to read. There are  many lovely pictures that provide close-up views of countless vintage furnishings and houses...it is  my dream book. You can purchase your own here and also keep up with the latest on the book's Facebook page.

My last little jewel to share is a neat cardboard dollhouse furniture set from MUJI, a Japanese company that I absolutely adore. The whole company aesthetic is simple and minimal (MUJI means "no brand") and I love their well-made and affordable products. MUJI is my go-to source for a wide variety of things, including but not limited to pens, notebooks, cotton facial cleansing pads, blazers, and storage containers. You name it, they have it! Recently, I saw a Tweet from the awesome Linda Gavin, the graphic designer who created the Twitter logo (she collects and styles dollhouses too!), about a book of pop out cardboard dollhouse furniture made by MUJI and available for sale on Etsy. I had not seen this before and jumped at a chance to own a set! The book is not available on MUJI's US site nor in their New York City store, so perhaps this was only sold in Japan.

Given how hectic the past few weeks have been, it won't surprise you to find out that I have not yet made any of the cardboard furniture, but I did take some photos of the book.

Neat, huh? I hope to create some pieces soon. Until then, do share if you have this set and have played with it yet! It looks to be 1:16 or 1:12 scale.

Credits: Table is vintage Petite Princess; chairs are eBay finds; credenza is vintage German; rug is a dollhouse store find; plates on the wall are by PetitPlat; plant is AG Minis. Accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, Playmobil, eBay finds, and Mighty World.

The time it took me: 33 minutes

Short Shots in the Neville

A very quick post to share that I finally broke down and bought a Neville House from CB2 this weekend. I was purchasing some awesome modern chair ornaments after reading about them on Mini Modern's blog, and decided to go for this petite house. My package arrived so quickly that I was caught off guard and opened it right up (I am famous in my house for not opening packages right away. I like to be left alone when doing so and I am very popular here...Mommy! Do you know what? Mommy!).

This is a fun, well-made tiny house that packs a mod punch. 1:16 or 1:24 scale works best, and you need to practice being nimble since you have to work your furniture through the openings. Check out Mini Modern's original post on the house here, and she also posted on minimodernistas' creation with two!

Anyone else grooving on the Neville?

Credits: Chairs are LISA; table is by Paris Renfroe; globe lamp is minimodernistas; shelving is by Miner Industries; cat and plant are Playmobil, and his bowl is an eBay find; blue glass bottle and rug are dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 27 minutes