Perhaps inspired by my ever-depleted budget for minis and the like, I intend to purchase an eco house -- economical and eco-savvy -- $24.95 from the MoMA store. It's the Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse by Peter Henkes and Romy Boesveldt:

Perhaps a collector's item someday...? It may just be fun to place some furniture and photograph the results.

Another eco house caught my eye, but (of course) one-of-a-kind: the Moduralean Eco House by David Baker + Partners Architects. It is truly fabulous. My good friend Fiona is an architect and I might have to press her to expend some extra creative energy and build me something along these lines.

More images are here. Images above courtesy of the David Baker + Partners Architects website.

Speaking of architects, I anxiously await my first Paris Renfroe pieces: two cypress tables, won on eBay this week:

Paris tells me that more designs are on the way, at least 10, and will make it to eBay soon. Nice!