Sushi So-So

I have continued to play with the the removable panels in the Villa Sibi so as to make the most of the space. This time I took out the back frosted panel and shifted the slatted one to the middle. I tend to use smaller scale items for playroom scenes, so I decided to try out some new (vintage) Lundby furniture -- the chair is pretty awesome.

I really wanted to use the new console from Paris Renfroe, which actually complemented the new butcher block I got recently as well.

As you may guessed, I do not care for sushi, but it is very photogenic!

Credits: couch from AG Minis; loveseat and couch cover from Bozart; console and coffee table from Paris Renfroe; medieval marble busts from my husband's collection; beanbag from The House That Jacq Built; kid's table and armchair are vintage Lundby; kid's storage unit and wall "artwork" are Re-ment; kid's rug is Ryan's Room; butcher block is from Ebay; table is vintage German; folding chairs from Manor House Miniatures; outdoor plants are Lolly's and TOMY; accessories from Ebay, Re-ment, Bozart, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and our local toy store.

Mystery Furniture

I bought a decent sized lot of vintage wooden furniture off Ebay recently and the package arrived today. The furniture intrigued me online because of the mid century lines. The seller did state that most of the pieces needed some gluing of legs and that is indeed the case. Not a big deal, though, and the seller included all the broken pieces. Gorilla Glue is my friend.

I love pretty much everything in the lot, which seems to be sized closer to 1:16, but some pieces are smaller and I think could work well for 1:12. The felt covered chairs are fabulous:

As are the assorted tables:

Of course I'd like to find out more about these pieces. None are marked, with the exception of these little lights, which have just European looking numbers on the bottoms:

The lights are wired, as is the TV set and the fireplace. No transformer though. I have a trusty Dian Zillner book (Antiques & Collectibles), but could not find anything yet. Some of the pieces look Lundby-esque, but I don't collect Lundby nor have any pieces and I am not totally familiar with the catalogue of styles.

I'm all ears should anyone know more...!
I'm off to glue!

UPDATE, 3/25/09: Thanks to *annina*, I have a very big clue on the origins of this furniture. It is looking like the pieces are from Kathrin's House, a German wooden house that dates from the early 196os, pictured on the Puppenhaus Museum website, here. The coffee table, chairs, and side pieces look to be an exact match! Thanks, *annina*!!

This is the house -- very cool:

Kathrin's House photos courtesy of the Puppenhaus Museum website.