My house has been a "Plasticville" lately, and I wanted to share some smaller scaled finds. Do you know Plasticville? It is a brand name for a line of plastic buildings for train layouts made by Bachmann. I recently purchased two HO scale buildings and one O scale building and they are really charming. Even the boxes are charming.

There is the Frosty Bar (O scale, 1:48), which dates from 1954

And the smaller HO scale (1:87) post office and supermarket, with some N scale Preiser figures; not sure about the date, but perhaps from the 1950s as well

Aren't the colors and styling fun? I cannot do scenes with them per se, but it was fun to set them up with my son, who actually helped me figure out how to snap some of the pieces in together. I like these because there is no glue required and they can be easily disassembled.

They came with the original brochure, too.

Anyone else collect vintage Plasticville? I'd love to see your finds.

Another plastic acquisition -- the Lil' House Wonderfull by Galoob. That's right, Wonderfull.

What an odd house! The furniture pictured on the box is not the same as what comes with the house, and the people (which the owner said were original) are way too large. This made for some weird pictures of them lurking above the furniture in the house!

Still, fun to play with and very easy to put together. A breeze to store, too.

My last recent plastic find, a Blue Box writing desk, which is super mini in size, 1:24 scale. I like the box and the midcentury lines of the piece itself. You can get a sense of the size from the 1:12 swan chair juxtaposition.

Will I use this for anything? Probably not, but there's always the chance of finding a Blue Box house!