Room Box Unexpected

Yes, another's an addiction, folks. Tell me I'm not alone here, especially when you see something really cool and you didn't have to engage over a bidding war on eBay.

Introducing my new (vintage) German-made room box! I have a bit of a soft spot for German room boxes, but my other ones--here and here--are both school rooms. This is my first home.

It likely dates from the early 1960s and runs larger than 1:12, probably 1:10. The box has obviously been repainted and remodeled by the previous owner, so there were some unexpected surprises when it arrived. The paint colors--a thickly applied creme and mottled grey--do not strike me as original. The eBay seller told me she bought it on German eBay earlier this year, so perhaps that seller had a hand in the renovations.

My favorite things? The wallpaper in both rooms, the box window with plantings, and the terrace. Least favorite? Flooring, sponge-painted base, and orange accent wall by the (missing) stairwell up to the terrace.

What did I do about these things? Well, nothing about the sponge painting and accent wall...yet. I could not control myself and removed the ugly vinyl adhesive flooring. I will give the person who renovated the benefit of the doubt and say that the flooring was probably already damaged, since I cannot imagine why you would cover these cool papers otherwise!

Unfortunately, the adhesive paper pulled mostly everything off with it...

So, I decided to use vintage papers for the flooring, to help keep within the style as closely as possible. The beige one in the living area is from my blogging pal Claudia, who runs Lilli's Puppenstube. I LOVE this paper and I think it works here. Thanks, Claudia!!! The other is from a roll of 1:1 paper that I bought last year, along with another roll, which I used to re-wallpaper the bathroom in my Large VERO. What do you think?

The "rug" under the desk and on the terrace are actually wallpaper samples from KremeLife. They make AMAZING 1:1 scale papers and sent me a few samples to experiment with in my houses! I cannot wait to use the others!

Lamp is made of a planter on top of a vintage German wine bottle!

Mystery stairwell!

Yay! Got to use my new ornaments from CB2!

Wall lamp looks original to house

I also got rid of the ugly lace in the window...I am not a huge fan of the drapes, but I think they are original. Anyone know anything about what the original stairs looked like? I searched online and only turned up two structures thus far that had similar characteristics.

Courtesy of puppenhausmuseum

and terrace...I wonder if the stairwell was that curvy and funky!
Courtesy of puppenhausmuseum
As always, if you know anything about this structure, do share!

By the way, I announced the winners of my UMBRA giveaway earlier this week, Kia and Gingeranna! I have now heard from both of them -- congratulations and thanks for participating! And a BIG thanks to UMBRA!

Credits: Couch and chair are Hall's Lifetime Toys; desk chair is Reac; patio chairs are ornaments from CB2, with handmade pillows by The Shopping Sherpa; boomerang table is by Paris Renfroe; bed and wooden side tables are vintage German; round side table is Re-ment; desk is by Crailsheimer; arc lamp is a vintage eBay find; standing lamp was my mother's, I believe; wire bench on terrace is by Oragon; large planter on terrace is a condiment jar from West Elm; planter in bedroom is by Manor House Miniatures with an aquarium plant. Accessories are AG Minis, beads, handmade by me, from my local toy store, random dollhouse store finds, and handmade by The Shopping Sherpa.

The time it took me: 37 minutes (not including the re-flooring!)