Clearview in the News

I came across this recent article in the London Daily Telegraph about Elaine Shaw's amazing Clearview house. I had not known that she literally tore up a Victorian house to create the Clearview - a lovely metaphor for all of us modern mini lovers!! You can read more about Elaine's creations on the MIAIM website, but it looks like it is currently under construction. Here are some photos that accompanied the article:

To get more of a Clearview fix, check out Linda Gavin's blog -- her photography of the house is stunning, as is her custom Elf Miniatures furniture, based on classic mid century pieces.

By the way, in the article Paris Renfroe is mentioned as one of Elaine Shaw's primary sources for furniture -- I am sure you will be able to spot some of his pieces in the pictures! I emailed with Paris recently, and he let me know he is busier than ever (good for us!). He is focusing on his 1:12 creations, partly as a result of the recession and the decreased need for his full-scale design work, and partly as a result of their incredible popularity, including his amazing Pods. He actually has been doing a lot of custom Pod work (sometimes up to five per customer!), and looks forward to continuing this work after he moves to Las Vegas from the Midwest. See more of what Paris has for sale here. I myself hope to do some custom pieces with Paris for my VERO (as a 40th birthday gift, perhaps?!).

Photos courtesy of the Daily Telegraph website