It was the oddest thing to see my Crate and Barrel Tissue Box House in a vitrine, as part of an exhibit, this weekend. There were feelings of excitement mixed with shyness, mixed with wonderment (is this actually here? will people like it?). But, there it was!

Then, I noticed that two pieces had become unstuck so of course I started obsessing over this and the other feelings went away! By the way, the house is in the Members' Musings exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, not too far from me. It was great to see the show, which included painting, sculpture, and digital art. The kids got a kick out seeing the piece, as did our friends who met up with us for a visit in the park. A few more shots of my piece, titled Repurpose:

You can read more about the piece in this post from February. Then it was out to walk the park, and I'd have to say that the kids (and us) were completely taken with the peacocks, who were making a spectacle:

while barring access to the bathroom!

A lovely white one made an appearance as well

This one was near some dollshouse-appropriate artwork:

If you are near Hamilton, NJ, stop by the park for a visit -- there is a ton to see, and lovely walks to be had!

Later at home, I was inspired again to use some of my swap items from The Shopping Sherpa, namely the one of the vintage posters, in the fish condo:

See the black lacquer desk and the pedestal for the bead in the corner? Both are manufactured by AMAC, a renowned plastics company that I discovered at the New York International Gift Fair back in February. The boxes, which come in array of colors, work so well for accents and as actual furnishings. I love the sleekness of these boxes, and I know will come up with other uses for them! Should you see them in the gift shops and other stores you frequent, do pick up a few!!!

Credits: Chair is Reac; desk and artwork pedestal are AMAC boxes; base of desk is AG Minis; plant is Manor House Miniatures; newspaper box is a dollshouse store find; laptop is by Lilu Shop on Etsy; shoes and bag are Barbie; bench is a vintage drawer pull; poster and yellow book on bench are from a swap with The Shopping Sherpa; flooring and back wall covering are from the Paper Source.