"UP." I like when a little word carries so much meaning. There is a visual clue for the word embedded in this scene -- easy to find, I think!

Speaking of up, I flew back from Amsterdam last week, where I was on a work-related trip. I have never been there, and it is a beautiful, magical city. While I only had very little free time, I tried to "feel" the place as much as I could: bicycles whizzing by, cobblestone streets, mirror-like canals, bridges, dimly lit streets at night. The canals were especially picturesque.

In the free time I did have, I visited the newly-renovated and reopened Rijksmuseum and the van Gogh Museum, where my head spun 'round from seeing all the masterpieces that I had seen in books growing up, such as van Gogh's Sunflowers.

And...the Rijksmuseum has a room devoted to antique cabinet dollhouses. Stunning!!!

With all my running around, I never managed to have a photo taken of myself in the city...only a selfie in my hotel room, before heading out for another work function!

I met some lovely people, one of whom thoughtfully gifted me with the modern brown side chair and paint set in this scene. Thank you, C.!

I already had the sunflowers, nicely nestled in a vase by Ray Storey...

Hope everything is looking up for all of you!

Credits: Bed is vintage German; side tables and wall sculpture by Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures; shelving unit and striped rug are IKEA; chairs are Reac; couch is an artisan piece by unknown maker; TV unit and coffee table by PRD Miniatures; clear table by Petite Princess; planters by TOMY; plant is AG Minis; lamp by minimodernistas; typographic letters are vintage. Accessories are Modern Mini Houses, Manor House Miniatures, Re-ment, L. Delaney, Ray Storey, AG Minis, The Shopping Sherpa, minimodernistas, and beads from Michaels.

The time it took me: 45 minutes