I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still here! It has been a very long time since I posted last. Life has been quite full, and I feel pulled in many different directions. Sometimes it is difficult to stop moving and take some time to "mini."

So perhaps I should alleviate the pressure of doing my usual length posts each time, and make the effort to post "bite-size" things more often. I'll try it. Can't promise I won't diverge from the plan!

I've gotten a few new acquisitions lately, nothing major. My lack of time to blog also means a lack of time to troll eBay for various finds. I got this art deco-style dresser for a song...it looks quite at home in my Gottschalk room box, no?

'Til next time!

The time it took me: Really, no time at all!

Credits: Table is by Paul MacAlister; dresser is a vintage eBay find. Accessories are Manor House Miniatures and another eBay find.