VERO Seeblick: Sea View

Another VERO dollhouse has captured my heart! It's hard not to be charmed by a VERO. I already have two: a 1966 beauty and a mod, two-story early 1970s one. I've had my eye on the lovely one-story "Seeblick" or "sea view" for quite some time, and when Annina put hers up for sale, and I could not resist. It's a bit beaten up, but still has wonderful life and karma (Annina is such a talented miniaturist, stylist, and photographer).

It's an insane purchase, since I literally have no room for it. I managed to clear off some space adjacent to my Bodensee in order to put it together. As Rebecca noted in her post from a few years ago, you need to be an octopus to get it all screwed together! I struggled and dropped the tiny screws more times than I can count, but it finally came together. I took some quick first shots after setting up a living room and bedroom. One day, I will bring it upstairs into natural light for some better images and backdrop.

Until then...


Credits: Chairs, couch, bed, footstool, and sideboards are vintage German; coffee table is vintage Brio; outdoor chair and Arc lamp are eBay finds; green rug is a felt coaster; bedroom chair is Reac; globe light is minimodernistas; bedding is by The Shopping Sherpa. Accessories are Re-ment, dollhouse show buys, made by Dragondee, and TOMY.

The time it took me: 52 minutes (not including assembling the house!)