IKEA Lekman Box

At long last I have gotten around to opening my IKEA Lekman box. I bought it a very long time ago and it has patiently awaited me. I was inspired to shoot outside today and was able to run out after dinner, when the light was growing low and lovely. Scrapbook paper fits well in here and I gravitated toward a wood pattern for the floor and then a complimentary floral for a backdrop.

I found the Lekman quite airy and light, and you can really make it look quite spacious.Next time I think I will try to hide more the fact that this is a box, especially the joints around the perimeter. Oese has used hers a lot and comes up with creative ideas to change up the space. Lots of possibilities here -- anyone else use a Lekman lately?

Credits: Tootsie Roll couch is minimodernistas; chairs are Reac; table is vintage Bodo Hennig; light is a floor lamp from my Mom's childhood collection; plant is AG Minis; baskets are napkin holders from Crate & Barrel with a natural sponge; flooring and wall covering are from a scrapbook paper pad, "Downtown Loft" by DCWV. Accessories: pillow and water bottle is Re-ment, bowl is vintage German, and magazine is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa.

The time it took me: 11 minutes (not including the setup of the box, which took about 10 minutes).