Second Time Around

Ever go to rummage or estate sales and look intently around for a buy? You do a loop through the aisles and weave through the tables and think you've seen all that is there...but then you think to take a second look, and poof! You've found a little treasure!

I'm getting to my point here: this desk in my Gottschalk room box. It's actually not really a miniature desk; I  cannot tell you what it was intended for, though. Perhaps some sort of napkin holder, or other household contraption? I found it at a local church rummage sale this weekend and picked it on that second time around the housewares room for a cool quarter (half off the original price of fifty cents)!

I've used the humble little "desk" here with a very sophisticated piece by Patie of minisx2 on Etsy. You might recall from this post that my first Zig Zag shelving arrived broken...I used it anyway because it is so awesome, but Patie whipped up a replacement one with an extra set of gray-greenish sliding panels! It is lovely, no?

Do you like to mix "high" with "low"?


Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; shoe shelf is vintage German; desk is a rummage sale find; chair is CB2; zig zag shelving is by minisx2; plant and lamp are AG Minis; planter is from West Elm; filing box is by The Shopping Sherpa. Accessories are Re-ment, ELF Miniatures, Nancy Tobey, The Shopping Sherpa, AG Minis, Michaels, and random doll house store finds.

The time it took me: 27 minutes