A few of my purchases from the Highstown Miniature Show have made it into a bedroom scene in my VERO. The Art Deco-style bed is very simple in form, and I like the black shiny lacquer finish. The galvanized tub worked nicely as a sleek receptacle for cozy blankets (actually scraps of fabric).

See the fireplace? It is part of the new modern line from, as are the rattan stools, which I have used as bedside tables. The pieces are made of resin and so far I am pleased. The flames do not look entirely realistic up close, but do the trick from father away. And in the spirit of not-entirely-realistic, it is propped up against a column, which is not really a chimney!!

The flooring here is more of that shelf liner that I used in my Villa Sibi, when I (re)discovered Con-Tact adhesive paper. I like the texture a lot, but it does not sit flush with the floor and does not tack down easily; it curled a bit at the front edge of the room. Oh well. I tried not to show this in the photos :)

I was originally going to put artwork of some sort over the bed, but then I pulled out a piece of cardboard wrapped in decorative paper from the Paper was last used in one of my Umbra Fish Hotels as flooring. It came in handy as a decorative backdrop. Speaking of decorative backdrop, a Chilewich place mat conceals the mess of my worktable, outside the window!

Off to bed!

Credits: Bed and galvanized tub are finds from the Hightstown Miniature Show; side tables and fireplace from; globe lights are minimodernistas; plant is toHOLD on Etsy; chair is Reac; flooring is shelf liner from the Home Depot; backdrop outside window is a Chilewich place mat. Accessories are AG Minis, Lilu Shop on Etsy, minimodernistas, and handmade by The Shopping Sherpa.

The time it took me: 27 minutes