Hightstown Miniature Show

Just a quick post to share my spoils from a local dollhouse show that I attended yesterday in Hightstown, NJ, about 15 minutes away from me: The Hightstown Annual Dollhouse Miniature Show and Sale. As I mentioned in my previous post, I rarely go to shows and had not been to this one, which is in its 33rd (!) year, but I really had no excuse, considering how close it is to me!

I'm glad I went. It was super crowded and often hard to navigate, but there were some gems to be found in the 1-1/2 hours I was there. Oddly, I felt like I was the only one negotiating...nothing crazy, and my offers were always fair, but I didn't see bargaining going on. Personally, I can't help it...it's how I was raised! :)

So, here's my finds. As you might imagine, traditional styles reigned, but I did manage to score some great modern stuff.

Check out these two gorgeous artisan-made shelving units sold by a mother and daughter team; the maker's name is Bruce Dawson, and he has an Etsy shop. You'll see his initials on the bottom of one of the units. They were marked down and I negotiated further to get them both for $20.

Some nice outdoor trees, two bags for $15 (originally marked down to $17.50)

Kids toys, accents, and games (all between .25 and $2) 

Two Native American looking rugs, for $4

An Art Deco style bed, for $5

A very surprising find of a Scandinavian style chair and table by Re-ment (one of my favorites) for $2 in a clearance bin

Some vintage TOMY bath items, for $2

Two cute patio chairs ($5), a galvanized tub ($1) and a basket of fruit (.50)

Cool wallpaper (two sheets for $5)

A carved wooden mini Asian shelf for $7

Not too bad, eh? Can't wait to use some of these soon!