Betsy McCall Fireplace

Start with the hearth, I say! I stole a little bit of time this weekend to address the fireplace in my Betsy McCall house, which is in a large living area just begging for some renovation.

I was inspired to use some very unusual textured paper that I bought at Lee's Art Shop in New York City -- even the checkout dude was like "Now this one is cool!!" I thought it looked like stone and I do think it does the trick. I am going for warm, ethnic, crafty (and vintage) vibe here...I added some graphically strong paper from the Paper Source for the walls. I debated about this for a while and decided to go for it. Not sure what is going on the other two walls -- any ideas?

I only had a small amount of time to work on this over the weekend because I am working on a miniature styling job for a major book publisher! It's very exciting and extremely fun, and I hope to share more details once things are farther along and my work is finalized (and I can talk about it).

Stay tuned and wish me luck...!

The time it took me: 1-1/2 hours over the course of the weekend.