While purchasing a strip of clear wallpaper corner guard (a great idea from Fran of Fran Made Minis for my Rad Pad stairs), I again found some treasures at my local hardware store, this time at Home Depot: adhesive Con-Tact paper! I bought one oak wood roll and one blond wood roll. After imagining the many possibilities in my doll houses, I put aside all those bad middle school memories of covering my text books in this stuff!! I'd always end up with too many air bubbles!!

The paper is easily removable and has a realistic look for wood flooring. I did a test run with the dark roll in the Villa Sibi. What do you think? Any other Con-Tact paper users out there? I'm hooked!

This "rug" is actually from a roll of non-adhesive shelf liner. Lots of possibilities!

Credits: Couch is Hall's Lifetime Toys; chair is by Logan of OneFortyThree; boomerang coffee table and MCM shelving unit is PRD; rug is by Fran Made Minis; planter is Manor House Miniatures; magazines and Eames pillow are hand made by The Shopping Sherpa; light fixture and side table are eBay finds; round table and chairs are from the Adda-Room set; bench is brinca dada; marble heads are my husband's; standing lamp was my mother's; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from JoAnn. Accessories are AG Minis, toy store finds, beads, ELF Miniatures, and Mighty World.

The time it took me: 22 minutes