Book Inspired

I am on a big 1960s decorator kick, inspired by a tattered copy of the McCall's Decorating Book, purchased at the book sale at my local library for a cool $5. Published by Random House in 1964, the pictures are dripping with saturated color and pattern. In addition to the groovy photos, there are helpful hints about mixing patterns, hanging pictures, and terminology for popular furniture styles.

Want to see some of my favorite photos?

I'm feeling pretty inspired by the colors, patterns, and textures. Hope this fuels some ideas for the "I'm a Giant" Challenge!

Another new (vintage) book find is Puppenhaus-gebaut + eingerichtet (Dollhouse - built and furnished) by Dietrich Kirsch and Jutta Kirsch-Korn, a wonderful hobby book published by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg in 1968. This compact book, which I purchased on German eBay, offers instructions for building your own 1960s-era dollhouse, furniture, and accessories from simple materials.

I dig it -- you? Any good books to share?

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