I love when I see potential for a scene in a space rarely utilized in one of my dolls houses. My Villa Sibi, designed by Wolfgang Sirch and Christopher Bitzer ("Sibi!") is one of the few houses that inhabits our main living space. It was my first house, and the impetus for what is now my passion for collecting modern miniatures.

Did you know there is a pool attached to the Villa Sibi? It is a very neat, narrow rectangular box with two sets of sliding doors -- one set is white opaque, the other dark clear. As I walked by the house last night, I thought this little slice of real estate would make for a nice airy sitting room, much like you would find in modern floor plans, where it opens up directly to the outside.

So, I removed the white opaque panels, and in went my (new) vintage Lundby leather couch and chair (1:16 works best in this space) along with a vintage Swedish desk...a quick scene was born!

By the way, there has been a Villa Sibi up on eBay for quite some time now, for $499 BIN. This is certainly not cheap, but it is less than what they normally go for. I myself found mine on Craigslist for less than this amount, so it's always worth scouring online listings for a buy. It is a great house.

My love for the Villa Sibi has extended to Flickr, where I created a group for pictures of the house. If you are on Flickr, please join to add your own photos, or just to lurk!

Credits: Chair and couch are vintage Lundby; desk is vintage Swedish; wall art is a card from my buddy D; side table is a cork crafting item from Michaels; magazine holder is from a vintage chrome set of furniture; watering can is Bodo Hennig; Mini Cooper was a gift from my husband. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Mighty World, Lilu Shop on Etsy, ELF Miniatures, and random dolls house store finds.

The time it took me: 23 minutes