Peacock Bloom

Peacock feathers have bloomed in my Villa Sibi, a lovely backdrop for some modern miniatures by Carol, also known as Pinch of Pepper, who blogs at MitchyMoo Miniatures. Have you seen her great tutorials?? There is one on wiring your own chic LED lights and how to fashion a simple, yet ingenious S chair, and she recently posted on modern wallpapers. Welcome, Mitchy Moo! Keep it up!

I had the fun task of trying out some of Carol's creations: LED lights; a credenza; and a coffee table. It is clear that Carol is talented and is a nimble operator when it comes to the very tiny parts of the lights, and the smooth, precise edges of the credenza.

I rarely use electrified lights, but Carol makes it pretty easy. See the lovely African boxwood column lamp? It's a cool, versatile piece, like modern sculpture. The coffee table reminds me of vintage Bodo Hennig. Made of solid zebrano, it is a sturdy complement to my Paul MacAlister sofas and holds its own against the (yes) zebra print carpet.

This is how it all lights up! I really should use electrical tape, but this did the trick for the photos

The credenza is fun, with its single sliding door in accent purple; the wood is magnolia.

The other light did not make it into this scene--it is an industrial-looking black hanging fixture...would look great in a "tough" modern space. Hope to use it soon!!

I am really impressed with Carol's work, and I have encouraged her to please keep up her involvement with modern minis. At this time, she cannot devote herself to creating and selling modern minis, BUT she is adding new content to her blog all the time and welcomes your suggestions for tutorials, projects, etc! To see more pictures of Carol's work, check out her Flickr stream.

Thanks, Carol!

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Credits: Couches by Paul MacAlister; coffee table, lamp, and credenza by MitchyMoo Miniatures; light base is an AMAC box; shelving unit is a dollhouse store find; rug is scrapbook paper from Michaels; peacock wallpaper is from the Paper Source;  plant and wastebasket are AG Minis; vase on table is a bead made of recycled paper, purchased as part of a Bead for Life sale at a friend's house -- Bead for Life is a great organization that provides "sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty." These enterprising women create the beads by hand and fashion them into jewelry. They are beautiful!! Accessories are AG Minis, Re-ment, Playmobil, Manor House Miniatures, ELF Miniatures, and Crailsheimer.

The time it took me: 1 hour, 10 minutes