After addressing the bath in my VERO house -- the room in the worst shape by far -- I moved to the adjacent living area. I made some good progress, but then had to wait for some glue to dry. I turned my attention to the upstairs windowed room, where the floor is down to its original wood, the original papers mere scraps. The wall has no surviving papers either. This is a picture from when I first received the house -- you can see some sticky adhesive faux wood paper that used to be there.

After feeling a bit discouraged (again) by its broken down state, I decided to do something about it. I bought a brown place mat some time ago, thinking I could put it to use at some point, and this seemed like a good opportunity. Here's what $4.99 gets you...

After some sizing and trimming, I fit it in like a puzzle piece onto the floor, and I like the effect. It is very durable, has a nice texture, and I don't even mind the white inside that shows through on the sides.

Next came the wall, and I decided to use some nice paper I bought on UK eBay. I love the pattern, but it is extremely thin and was therefore challenging to cut and paste neatly. I think it fits the house, so I am happy.

The progress feels good!

What doesn't feel so good is the mess I made on the roof...

Credits: Barcelona chair by Reac; side table is vintage VERO; lucite bench is a drawer pull; Eames Hang It All and globe lamp are by minimodernistas; plants are vintage TOMY; moss pot is Manor House Miniatures with moss from Michaels; silver book holder is from Fridas Fancy. Accessories are AG Minis, Re-ment, beads from Pubdoll, Manor House Miniatures, and random dolls house store finds.