The Villa Sibi is the first house I purchased (or rather, it was purchased for me as a gift), and it has a place of honor in our living room. The rest of my houses reside a floor below. It's actually more of a place of necessity, since the Sibi is quite large and could not fit elsewhere. Sometimes the house becomes a dumping ground for minis, which is not good for a variety of reasons. And sometimes, the people around me get a bit fed up with its appearance.

So...the perfect excuse to whip up a quick scene with a few new things! You will see that a few of these pictures feature a ceiling light -- it is actually a battery powered "flameless" tea light that I picked up at West Elm this weekend, along with the porcelain origami squirrel ornament. The squirrel's a bit odd, I know, but I think its lines are pure and beautiful. He inspired me to go (almost) all white. Scurry over to West Elm if you have one near you -- lots of interesting things for 1:1 and 1:12!

Credits: Shelving is Re-ment; squirrel and tea light are from West Elm; couch and pillows are AG Minis; luscious white rug is hand knitted by The Shopping Sherpa; coffee tables and chairs are Bozart; TV is by LiLu Shop on Etsy; wall divider is from the Villa Sibi; lattice wall covering is a Chilewich placemat; toilet is IKEA; "hot tub" is a soap dish; wine rack is actually the base of the coffee table from the Kaleidoscope House Living Room set. Accessories are Bozart, Michaels, Manor House Miniatures, Playmobil, Re-ment, Mighty World, and random dolls house store finds.