Red Room

I continue to make my way around the Citadel and have landed in the upstairs bath. Like the other rooms in the house, this one was decked out in not one, but two, unattractive papers. And hanging beads. Not for me...have a look see.

So, there was some scraping to do and then a transformation to red...

I've had a roll of this red paper with a subtle stripe for a while and felt inspired to use it with something graphically strong on the floor. This Indian-made paper from the Paper Source reminded me of an elaborate tile surface and I thought it would create a dramatic contrast with the bold red.

What do you think? While the wallpaper is now glued, the flooring is adhered with some tacky stick, so I can change it out.

By the way, after doing yet another bath scene (I've done them in both of my VERO houses in recent weeks), I realize that I am in desperate need of some modern bath pieces. Add them to the list...!

In the way of pattern and color, I wanted to share some smaller-scaled chairs (perhaps 1:18 or 1:24) that I just purchased from UK eBay. Aren't these unusual? The bases are made of wood and the seating is cardboard. I don't know what use I will have for them yet, but they are pretty to look at (notice the difference in scale to these 1:10 German chairs):

On a final note of color and pattern, I had a wonderful excursion to the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut at the start of our vacation last week. I love Josef Albers' work, as does my husband, so I arranged a special visit and tour with the lovely and patient Jeannette. The older kids got so much out of it; the littlest one not so much, but I am very glad we were able to bask in the colors of some of Albers' works and also view the creations of his equally-talented wife, Anni, who is known for her weaving and textile designs.

Sublime grays by Albers...

A stunning undulating abstract weaving by Anni...

The mailbox was even worth a stare!

Credits: Sink is an eBay find; side table is vintage VERO; hanging lights handmade by Megan of Modern Mini Houses; toilet is IKEA. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Playmobil, Bozart, and dolls house store finds.