Drawer Pulls

On a super quick family visit to Chicago this past weekend (we were barely there for two days), I managed to pop into a little antique shop for a look around. Do you ever make one loop around a store and not find anything, and then circle back? I usually find something on that second loop, something I did not see the first time for whatever reason.

In this case, I spied a crate full of heavy vintage lucite and porcelain drawer pulls under a table that second time around. The screw bases actually drew me in first, since they were a shiny chrome that I thought could serve as a table base or "legs" for a bench.

Then I looked for smooth, flat surfaces; some were lovely, but curved, so I did not think they would work as well. I came away with four of them ($15), and have included two here. I originally only used the clear one, but I really wanted to utilize the brown and creme one as well.

I like recycling them for this purpose -- I could also see using them for their real purpose, too!

Credits: Daybed by Reac; benches are drawer pulls from a Chicago antique shop; computer and keyboard are by Lilu Shop on Etsy; moss bowl is by Gigi N Studio; book in bag is handmade by Oese; light by minimodernistas; artwork is Bozart; flooring is made of two sheets of silver Japanese paper by the Paper Source. Accessories are by Re-ment.