Designing an Event

Perhaps you are like me when you set up scenes: you have an idea, you gather some furnishings and a setting, and you play around until you end up with something that stirs up a feeling of "just right." I am going to try to apply this as naturally as I can to an exciting opportunity: a modern miniatures event at my local Design Within Reach store in Princeton, NJ, on Thursday, June 24 from 4-7 p.m. It's great that the store is hosting the event, which will also feature the wonderful new 1:16 Emerson House from brinca dada. Mark Green, who had a major hand in designing the furniture, will be on hand to represent and share the house. I cannot wait!

I am planning to bring my Kaleidoscope House and am now designing setups for the whole house, as well as for some select DWR furniture in the store. I have arranged for some very beautiful and exciting loans from Elf Miniatures and minimodernistas (and am planning to use some of my own Paris Renfroe pieces), since I would like to showcase some of the (very) great mini talent out there. By the way, both Elf and minimodernistas have started making their designs in 1:16, so please keep them in mind if you have a need in that scale.

Once I knew about the event a few months ago, I decided to get my act together and create a logo for Call of the Small to somehow capture what my blog is about. My husband clued me in to a very cool site, Hatchwise, which offers graphic design services for logos via a contest open to designers all around the world. I submitted my goals for a logo and ended up with a neat visual creation!

You may see the lines of the special wallpaper in my vintage Brio, as well as my beloved minimodernistas globe lamp!

I used the new logo to design my own calling cards with a new tag line: "Where small modern lives large":

This was done very reasonably through Zazzle ($30 for 300), a site where you can easily produce your own cards.

I will hopefully post an album of pictures from the event -- wish me luck! And, of course, if you live near or will be visiting near Princeton, NJ, please come!

By the way, I have heard some mini buzz about a west coast DWR event in the fall that sounds like it will be a gathering of some mini greats...hopefully an official announcement will be out soon!

Credits: Vintage Panton chair by Bodo Hennig; dresser is vintage German.