Giveaway: New MoMA Modern Play House

The nice folks at Chronicle Books have offered a free copy of their new MoMA Modern Play House, and one of you will benefit! I feel lucky to be able to offer something so cool to my readers and followers.

You may have already seen reviews by petite nouveau and Dream Dollhouses. I, too, enjoyed trying out this great new product, especially since it is well-made, affordable, fun, and compact.

This product is great for adult collectors like myself who want to do something contained and simple, but it also stretches your creativity. Every square inch of the playhouse components are used: the nesting boxes, constructed of thick, durable cardboard, have a glossy sheen and are fashioned with different textures (brick, stone, color) on all the sides. The accompanying flat cards can be used for indoor or outdoor flooring, and the fun decals enhance and animate the settings with lights, plants, clocks, and other accessories.

The furniture that accompanies the playhouse is very easy to construct (my nine year old had no trouble with them at all), and they have wonderful modern colors and profiles. There are also inserts for window-like cutouts in the boxes where you can create an instant painting, fireplace, or TV!

The price is incredible for the quality: $19.99! And it is a snap to store. You may know that I love fold away or pop up vintage houses, not only for their color and vitality, but for their inherently small carbon footprint :) This house has the same appeal for me!

In order to qualify for a free playhouse, please leave a comment on this post by 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 21, and let me know what house of mine you would like to see more of -- I try to alternate and set up scenes in different houses, but would love to know which one you would like me to focus on and post about! In order to qualify for the giveaway, you must live in the US or Canada (sorry, my overseas friends!).

I will draw a number based on the total amount of comments using the Random Integer Generator (used by The Shopping Sherpa - thanks!), on Saturday, May 22. The number relates to the order of the comments left (so if you were the fifth to leave a comment, and the number is five, you are the winner).

Good luck, everyone, and thanks again for following!

UPDATE, 5/16/10: Apologies in advance, but I will have to reject any comments from overseas, since Chronicle Books will only ship to the US and Canada, as noted in my post. Sorry!! I will read all of the comments and I really appreciate you writing in, but they cannot be included in the total number since that will be used as a basis to generate the random number for the winner.