This scene features my first Mini Modernistas purchase: a pixel chair and ottoman. Neat, huh? The quality is really nice, and the look lovely. It's going to be hard not to buy more!

I have been wallpapering the VERO, trying out different things, and wanted to test it out. Thanks again to Annina for scanning her VERO papers! The flooring is scrapbook paper, inspired by the Pixel chair.

The hanging light was purchased from German eBay and arrived in a very sorry state: cracked and scuffed. I repaired it as well as I could, but it does not look as it should. Here is what it should look like (photo courtesy of the puppenhausmuseum website):

And here's how it actually appears:

It's still a neat fixture, even upside down!

The 1:144 house in the back is also from German eBay, purchased as a lot (thanks again for sending, Oese!). Boy, does it need a good cleaning!

Above the tea and treat in bed are Little Red Riding Hood plates by Re-ment. I have not had a good use for them until now...I asked my son to put them in order, and I think he did a good job!

Speaking of kids, my daughter did a nice scene too today of a tomboy's room -- good work, my sweet!

My next "baby" is coming to me from overseas, and I hope to share pictures of it soon!

Credits: Bed, nightstand, wardrobe, plant stand, 1:144 house, sideboard, and mirror are vintage German; table and light fixture are vintage VERO; pixel chair and ottoman are by Mini Modernistas; tea set, tray, Little Red Riding Hood plates, perfume trays, and frog are Re-ment; fabric hanging in back is Marimekko; accessories are Re-ment, Bozart, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and Petite Princess.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with some exceptions. The Little Red Riding Hood Plates are from Fairy Tale Dishes #8, "Trip to Grandma's House," and are large for 1:12, but can work as decoration. The tea set is from Princess Tea Party #2, "The Princess' Late Night Tea," and is large for 1:12. The tray is from Bread and Butter #2, "Free Spirit Bakery," and is good as a large serving tray in 1:12. The danish is from Bread and Butter #6, "Lovely Danish," and is a bit large for 1:12. The red perfume tray is from I Love Kyoto #1, and is good for 1:12. The black perfume tray is from I Love Kyoto #7, and is good for 1:12. The beauty packets on the black tray are from Puchi Drugstore #1, and work for 1:12.