I've posted in the past on one of my career paths that never took flight: museum curator. I have friends who are curators and like to be friends with them, but would not want to compete with them for a job or an exhibit! These are tough, opinionated, passionate people who tend to work very hard for very little appreciation (or at least that was the art world climate in New York City in the early 1990s). So, this is my conception of a curator's home, likely in a European city.

The lovely little wood scene in glass came from Germany from an eBay seller I work with often, daspuppenhaus. It has amazing detail and I haven't seen anything like this before.

I am very excited to have used this room in the VERO. The wallpaper is courtesy of Annina, who scanned some of her VERO papers for me recently. I decided to print it at 100%, so the pattern may be larger than hers, but I think it looks nice. I have not pasted the paper yet, and thought I would try it out. The flooring is covered with neutral scrapbook paper.

I have decided for now to leave the original acetate windows, even though they are torn in places. They give this a gloomy, solitary feel. Not to say curators live this existence, but when working, they likely do!

Credits: White chair is Reac; rug is AG Minis; cowhide chaise and desk are by Paris Renfroe; desk lamp and standing double lamp are both vintage German; the sideboard is vintage German as well, bought from Oese; the glass box with wooden scene is a vintage eBay find; typewriter, tea pot, pencil and mug are Re-ment; books are handmade by Oese and AG Minis; silver pot is from the Tiny Doll House store; horse bookends are vintage Petite Princess; ball clock is handmade by Pubdoll; plant is vintage TOMY; and black/white vases are Mattel (Jonathan Adler for Barbie).