Mini Meaning

Not that I need more excuses to like minis...but my nine-year old daughter and I are able to have fun and connect through them. I think she is genuinely curious about my hobby, she knows how important it is to me, and in general is pretty careful with my things.

I stayed home from work on Monday since I fell down a flight of stairs (don't ask, it's been a crazy few weeks), and she was feeling a bit punky, so we stayed home together. I was cleaning up the carnage from three different scenes, and she suggested she do a scene in the Villa Sibi, but NOT with too much of my help. It's hard to resist my control freak mechanism, but I did indeed let go and she set up here very own scene!

I did not move anything around or switch things out, even though I was tempted. :)

Credits: Could I pass on credits since this is not my scene? I feel very lazy tonight. White sectional couches by Bozart; wooden stool is made of two salt cellars (OK, that had some help from me); "rug" is origami paper; Eames elephant is Reac; dog is my daughter's; guitar and piano (check out her sheet music!) are Nodameggaki; Hello Kitty light is Sanrio; Easter Island head is from Barnes & Noble; plant and small round table by dog are Re-ment; table and chairs are vintage Topper Toys; Mini Sibi is handmade by Oese; Mini Sibi table and Easter Island head pedestal are from the Villa Sibi; and artwork is gift packaging. Accessories are Re-ment, our local toy store, Manor House Miniatures, and handmade by Oese.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The place mat, knife, and cups on the table are from Megahouse Pop 'n Kitchen #5 and are all good for 1:12. The chair and light in the Mini Sibi are from Beauty Storage #10, "Pretty Placement" and are good as minis in 1:12!