Old Memories Anew

My grandmother was awesome. She was my buddy growing up. I would often come for sleepovers to her apartment in Brooklyn, NY, where she lived with her sister, my great Aunt. We ate in front of the TV, sat around the table drinking tea, and they gave me all sorts of snacks. It was all about fun hanging out time with the ladies, and there are days when I really want to go to Grandma's house. Like today.

This reminds me of their apartment. Kind of cluttered, but usually pretty tidy. I recall my grandmother washing PAPER plates for reuse (she was hip even then!). She was a young woman during the Great Depression, and often said nothing was wasted. One of my favorite things to do with her was look through all of her costume jewelry, which she methodically arranged and stored between tissue paper in drawers. Some of it was opulent, some understated, always interesting, and I always saw something new.

Speaking of new, I have not yet gotten around to showing off my new Bodo Hennig kitchen from Oese, delivered last weekend in our first swap! It is a beauty and I hope to use it soon, once I clear out the dollhouse clutter around my house. Sweet Oese also put in an amazing extra -- my very own mini Sibi!!! It is fabulous. Now I just need furniture...

Credits: Oven and dish rack and its contents are vintage Topper Toys; floor lamp, side table lamp, retro metal couch, pouf, TV table, and rug are AG Minis; wooden side table is Concord Miniatures; vintage pink couch, lucite chairs, and chop block are eBay finds; sink and TV unit are vintage German; toaster and bread is Re-ment; plant is vintage TOMY; table is Wolverine; accessories are Re-ment, Bozart, MAR toys, DRAP, and Pain d'epices.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene, with the exception of the red chair next to the mini Sibi and the green TV tray and milk glass. The chair is from the American Kitchen set #5, "School Lunch," and it works for 1:12, if not a little on the small side. The tray and glass are from the Primary School Stationery set # 5 and # 8, respectively. Both work for 1:12.