Off Limits

This is an "off limits" space -- it is where one can go to bathe and I wanted to do a bath scene, since I got the "bath tub," which is actually a condiment dish, for .25 at the Crate & Barrel outlet near me. It worked pretty well, I think, but I had to figure out how to situate it with the Villa Sibi bath partition.

This title is also apropos because some little hands were playing with the bath tablets and also messed with other things while I was out earlier. So, if there are elements that look a bit different, it was influenced by a 9 year old girl's (secret) taste. :)

Credits: Sink and vintage mirror are separate UK eBay finds; pouf and metal side table are AG Minis; toilet and green towel are IKEA; toilet paper holder is vintage Lundby; Asian light fixture, towel basket, bath tablets, makeup, shoes, and perfume are Re-ment; bath platform with partition is from the Villa Sibi; "bath" is a condiment dish from Crate & Barrel outlet; towel rolls near bath are Lundby; "towels" by sink are tissues rolled up; vases and tea set are MAR Toys; plants are Lolly's and from a rummage sale.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in this scene with the exception of the bath tablets and box. They are from a secret set of the Cosmetics "Actress" set, #5, and it is good for 1:12 as a large bath item.